Volkswagen and Audi, lightness of a US supplier causes serious data breach


There is no a day now when there is no talk of hacker attacks and theft of personal data on the network . And once again the sector involved is; that of the automotive industry, so as it had happened a few months ago with Tesla: then the data breach was used to steal industrial secrets, this time instead the goal seems to be even more; petty, namely the theft of Volkswagen and Audi customer information to get hold of sensitive customer information and to target specific phishing campaigns.

The case dates back to some time ago, but the House has completed the investigation started in March of this year only now. So it is reads in the email sent to customers victims of the attack:

On March 10, 2021, we were advised that an unauthorized third party may have obtained some customer information. We immediately initiated an investigation to determine the nature and purpose of this event. The investigation confirmed that the third party obtained a limited amount of personal information received from or about customers and potential buyers, including you, from a supplier of Audi, Volkswagen and certain authorized dealers in the US and Canada.


The stolen data dates back to the period 2014-2019 and seems to have been exposed between August 2019 and May 2021 due to a lightness of the supplier himself , which would have saved the information of 3.3 million customers without proper security precautions. The vast majority of data concerns the name and surname of customers, email address, telephone number, day of birth and insurance data, in other cases – more & ugrave; limited – the data also extended to information on the car purchased/rented or about which information was requested, including VIN, model and color. Unfortunately, there are also frequent cases in which even more information has been exposed; sensitive, such as your driver's license number .

And now? We repeat that the case is; limited to a specific supplier of VW, Audi and some dealerships in the United States and does not affect us directly, but we & ograve; does not take away the gravity; of the fact and the lightness with which the subject has treated customer data. Volkswagen suggests contacting the company. IDX that will support them & agrave; to solve the problem by also providing insurance protection. The advice & egrave; that of not to reply to any emails from & quot; Volkswagen & quot; or & quot; Audi & quot; (or by the supplier itself) as sensitive data are never requested through these channels. The risk is in fact; that not only the data has fallen into the wrong hands, but also that the valuable information can be exploited for phishing and capturing even more details; personal – see number of credit cards , for example.

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