Battlefield 2042: Gameplay trailer illustrates innovations


The first gameplay trailer for Battlefield 2042 uses game scenes to show the new features of the multiplayer shooter that were only described in the announcement a few days ago. These include impressive environments, map events and gadgets.

Urban canyons, expansive landscapes and the battle from room to room are extremes that both find room in the new Battlefield. Land and air vehicles and the new configuration menu for weapons, which, in the style of Crysis, allow attachments and sights to be changed at any location on the battlefield, are clearly visible. The surroundings are heavily influenced by weather, in the trailer, for example, in the form of a sand storm and a shuttle taking off. The specialists who will replace the previously known classes cannot be seen.

The next batch of information should come on July 22nd as part of an EA Play Show, the finished game will appear three months later on October 22nd and must then be proven imagine that his changes are more than just cosmetics.