The best apps of week 23-2021 in App Missed


In the weekly App Missed section you can read which apps from the past week are worth checking out. We always discuss about five apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac. These could be apps that you may not have known about or that are useful or just fun to try. And that can also be veterans who have received a major update and therefore receive some extra attention.

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iCulture App of the Week: Next Do you know that feeling that you want to listen to music, but you don't know exactly what? You then press shuffle, after which you keep skipping until you hear a nice song. Next is an app that you link to your Apple Music subscription. The app has its own shuffle mode, but a special one. Based on your listening behaviour, Next tries to predict which music you want to hear. It alternates between your favorites and the hidden gems in your library. The app is now also available for your iPad.

With Next you can rediscover music in your own library. A special playlist has also been created for this. The playlist automatically adds songs that you used to listen to a lot, but not anymore. Music that you have just added can also receive extra attention in Next, so that you will quickly love it.



Do you like luxury and do you like to go to the most exclusive places, such as star restaurants, the most beautiful hotels and bars? Then download BONLU. This app will help you find such locations. The team behind BONLU gives tips about (new) hotspots in the app. If you have found something that interests you, you can also view reviews and photos. You can also leave a review yourself.



Poparazzi could be seen as a personal profile that you do not complete yourself. Your Poparazzi profile only shows photos that make friends of you. Conversely, you can also take photos of friends that appear on their profiles. The app is very similar to Instagram and will therefore feel familiar to many people. A photo shows who took it. You can also share it on other platforms afterwards.


Oh Crop

Have you always wanted to turn yourself into an emoji? With Oh Crop you can. The approach is very simple: the app has saved the shape of different emoji, after which you can fit your own head into it. So you can stick yourself in the dragon emoji, or in an apple emoji. You can then save the photo and use it as a profile photo, for example. Also nice: you can turn it into a WhatsApp sticker. Read our tip on how to do that.


Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather didn't get an update this week, but it did get something else: an Apple Design Award 2021. At iCulture, we've been fans of this one for years. intuitive weather app. Carrot Weather received the award for best interactions.

In the latest version of Carrot Weather you have extensive options to put together exactly the weather app of your dreams. If you are very interested in rainfall, there are several blocks about it. The same goes for air quality, temperature and many other data. Interested? Check out our review of Carrot Weather 5.