Tesla Model S Plaid: very fast and with a lot of technology


Elon Musk has finally officially presented the Tesla Model S Plaid it replaces the previous Performance to become the most Tesla; fast ever. Primacy that will last; until it arrives the new Roadster. There was a lot of anticipation for this mini event where the American manufacturer officially kicked off the deliveries of this model. Unfortunately, the CEO did not mention some issues that many were waiting for new information.

For example, nothing in particular is; was said on the steering wheel & quot; yoke & quot; except that it allows to improve visibility. Still not & egrave; clear if it will be; a traditional steering wheel available. Also, Elon Musk did not share details on the arrival of the Model X restyling. It is not & egrave; not even talked about the cancellation of the Plaid + version.

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25 customers were able to receive their electric car during this exclusive event. Furthermore, Tesla pointed out that at this time & egrave; able to build a few hundred units & agrave; per week with the goal of reaching 1,000 cars per week over the next quarter. But let's get to the electric sedan. Let's briefly recall the specifications as can be found on the Italian configurator.

  • Over 1,020 hp (750 kW)
  • 0-100 km/h in 2.1 seconds
  • Speed maximum speed of 322 km/h
  • Quarter mile: 9.23 seconds
  • Range of 628 km
  • Three high-performance engines with carbon-coated rotors
  • All-wheel drive
  • Torque vectoring
  • Price from 129,990 euros

Elon Musk si & egrave; paused to talk about the new powertrain with three electric motors that & egrave; very efficient and reaches very high powers.

As far as we know, this is; the first time there is a production electric motor with a carbon coated rotor. This is; a super difficult thing to do because & eacute; carbon and copper have very different thermal expansion rates.

A complex job from a technical point of view but which allowed for an important improvement from the point of view of overall performance. Tesla also showed a graph with the power versus speed curve. and improvement & egrave; net compared to other models. Elon Musk also mentioned news; on the battery pack without, however, going into details. The CEO briefly talked about charging without giving precise numbers, simply saying that & egrave; It is possible to recover approximately 300 km of autonomy in 15 minutes. Bisogner & agrave; wait for the first customer tests to understand exactly the charging curve of this new Tesla. Musk added that Superchargers will be able to offer powers up to 280, 300 and 350 kW in the future without, however, providing timing.

Speaking of technique, Elon Musk himself & egrave; also dwelt a lot on efficiency and, in particular, on the heat pump and on the thermal management system of the car . On the heat pump, the CEO states that & egrave; 30% more; efficient in cold weather and requires 50% less energy to heat the passenger compartment in low temperature conditions. This is really interesting data. If there really is been a similar improvement, it should translate into a distinct advantage in terms of autonomy in the winter. The thermal management system of the Model S Plaid is also; been improved. Thanks to a new radiator pi & ugrave; large at the front of the car & egrave; possible to cool the battery pack better.

This allows you to have the best possible performance for a long time. Excellent aerodynamics with a Cx of 0,208 . Elon Musk si & egrave; then he also focused on the interiors which, as known, have been profoundly modified with the restyling. From this point of view, no particular news has been communicated. Tesla did a lot of work on the soundproofing of the passenger compartment. In addition, we find a new sound system with 22 speakers.

Musk then showed a demo showing the operation of the car's new infotainment system interface . From an entertainment point of view, Tesla also showed a short demo of the Cyberpunk video game in action about the infotainment it can do. rely on a hardware platform designed for games with a power similar to that of a PlayStation 5.


The speed maximum indicated for the Plaid version requires suitable wheels and tires that will be available in autumn 2021.

To reach 322 km/h, therefore, a specific equipment will not yet be needed. available. This is an important detail that had never been highlighted in all this time. It will be interesting to understand which tires and rims Tesla will choose & agrave; for his Plaid and if they will be charged separately or if they will be provided free of charge to all those who already had; received the car.

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