Politician collaboration in Sörmland is ringing in the coffers


Published June 11, 2021 at 9:39 AM

Domestic. In the Sörmland municipality of Trosa, the alliance parties have decided to enter into a cross-bloc agreement which means that the Social Democratic opposition councilor Magnus Johansson (S) will receive SEK 17,000 extra a month, reports Sörmlands Nyheter.

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In the decision, the “competing” parties justify themselves by saying that Johansson must be able to engage in “full-time politics”, according to Södermanlands Nyheter.

The historic agreement has provoked reactions online .

“Trosa has 14,000 inhabitants in the entire municipality. Daniel Portnoff (M) earns SEK 84,000 a month and Magnus Johansson (S) SEK 69,900 a month after the increase”, states the blog Pettersson.