Kingston gaming products: RAM and SSDs with Fury lettering instead of HyperX


After the sale of the HyperX gaming division with all the products it offers, such as headsets, keyboards and mice, to HP, Kingston is launching its successor under the new name Fury. For enthusiasts and gamers, the new focus on the core business of RAM and SSDs is to appear.

The title is not unknown at Kingston, as the company has been using it for some time Predator and Impact with DDR3/DDR4 RAM. In the future, the HyperX lettering will be omitted and only used as a gaming label Fury. With the new label, Kingston is also planning new SSDs to give the image a boost.

Kingston Fury (picture: Kingston)
Kingston Fury (picture: Kingston) Image: Kingston)

In a first video for the announcement of the new brand, a date appears, July 19, 2021. A closer classification of what happened to this one Day can be expected, however, is not made. The manufacturer may be planning to present the first new line products on this day.