Fordzilla HD GP: Alessandro Siddi? the winner of the first edition


Fordzilla HD GP & egrave; now at the end and the first edition of the tournament created by HDnetwork and Ford , in collaboration with Qlash Italia , & egrave; was won by Alessandro Siddi , who triumphed during the final on Saturday obtaining the highest score thanks to the excellent performances achieved in Race 1 and Race 2 .

Races , both, very bright and full of twists , who have enthusiastic audiences and casters thanks to the commitment and passion of the drivers, who have had access to the final following the equally fierce qualifying sessions; adrenaline is not never missed and the Ford Mustang 2015 have been put to the test – on the virtual asphalt of Assetto Corsa – by all the competitors during these 5 weeks . The final placement of Fordzilla HD GP & egrave; was the following:

  1. Alessandro Siddi
  2. Filippo Zenna
  3. < strong> Riccardo Marino
  4. Amedeo Castorino
  5. Alessio Famulari


Fordzilla HD GP has allowed most; passionate sim racing drivers to compete within a very special setting , since the various sessions were kept an eye on by Team Fordzilla scouts, Ford's dedicated e-racing team. Fordzilla & egrave; a project now underway – everything is; started at Gamescom 2019 – and represents one of the best examples of contamination between the world of traditional car manufacturers and the eSport racing landscape.

Fordzilla pilots from all over Europe already have; started to make a name for itself on all major platforms and to date it is not; possible to apply to be able to join the team, at least not independently. It is in fact the Fordzilla scouts who find the best emerging talents within the sector, hunting for new promises who take part in the main competitions. Fordzilla HD GP & egrave; was one of these and represented – for all those who took part – a truly unique opportunity to show their talent in the eyes of Team Fordzilla .

The opening and closing events of Fordzilla HD GP was also attended by Sara & quot; Kurolily & quot; Stefanizzi , the captain of the Italian team of Fordzilla who closely followed the evolution of the tournament. We do not know if among the drivers who have competed in these 5 weeks there is some future promise on which Fordzilla Italia already has; put your eyes, but we can guarantee you that it & egrave; treated of a very rare occasion to be able to show off one's skills as a pilot in a competition kept under close observation by the scouts.


If you missed a few qualifying sessions or want to catch up on the final, you've come to the right place. Just below you will find all the links to the individual races, so if you want to discover Fordzilla HD GP you just have to start from here. Obviously we invite you to subscribe to our Twitch channel so as not to miss all the upcoming events: the news there are so many coming .

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