EA: Hackers loot source code for games and tools


Hackers claim that they have captured 780 gigabytes of EA source code, including those from the Frostbite engine and FIFA 21. According to the publisher, player data was not accessed. But the theft also affects them.

It is not entirely clear how much data was stolen. Vice reports on the basis of screenshots from partly private forums that hackers claim to have stolen 780 gigabytes of data. They are offered for sale. In addition to the source code of FIFA 21, it should also include code for matchmaking as well as EA frameworks and SDKs.

Together with the source code of the Frostbite engine, which is used for almost all of the publisher's games, this can create a massive problem, because providers of cheat programs can now use the code develop in a more targeted manner. The hackers advertise their offer accordingly with exactly this possibility: The buyer has “every opportunity to use all EA services”.

EA itself confirmed the incident in a statement to Vice, but only spoke of a “limited amount of source code” that had been stolen. The company does not expect any effects on its own games or the business figures. Such a situation can only be determined through the sale of new cheat tools, however, if it reaches rampant proportions.

The editorial staff thanks the ComputerBase readers “Scythe1988”, “Konkretor” and “resusseleman” for pointing out this message!