Apple Design Award 2021: The best apps and games for iOS, iPadOS, watchOS & Mac


With the Apple Design Award 2021, Apple is once again honoring the best and outstanding apps and games for iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and macOS this year. In a total of six categories, two apps or games were awarded which, according to Apple, stand for inclusion, innovation and interaction.

Apple awards prizes for innovation and ingenuity

According to Apple, the Apple Design Award recognizes “innovation, ingenuity, excellent design and outstanding technical performance” and is awarded by an appropriately composed jury.

This year's winners of the Apple Design Awards have redefined what we want from a great app, so we congratulate them on their well-deserved win.

Susan Prescott, Vice President of Worldwide Developer Relations

Apple reserves the right to change both the categories and the criteria from year to year, which is why the winners of a year are very difficult to compare with one another.

The work of these developers embodies the essential role that apps and games have in our everyday lives and serves as a perfect example of our six new price categories .

Susan Prescott, Vice President of Worldwide Developer Relations

These are the winners of the Apple Design Awards 2021:


  • App: “Voice Dream Reader” – Developer: Voice Dream LLC (USA)
  • Game: “HoloVista” – Developer: Aconite (USA)
Fun and entertainment

  • Game: “Pok Pok Playroom” – Developer: Pok Pok (Belgium)
  • Game: “Little Orpheus ”- Developer: The Chinese Room (Great Britain)

  • App:” CARROT Weather “developer: Brian Mueller, Grailr LLC (USA)
  • Game: “Bird Alone” – Developer: George Batchelor (Canada)
Social influence

  • App: “Be My Eyes” – developer: S/I Be My Eyes (Denmark)
  • Game: “Alba” – developer: ustwo games (Great Britain)
Visualization and graphics

  • App: “Loóna” – Developer: Loóna Inc (Belarus)
  • Game: “Genshin Impact” developer: miHoYo Limited (China)

  • App: “NaadSadhana” – Developer: Sandeep Ranade (India)
  • Game: “League of Legends : Wild Rift ”- Developer: Riot Games (USA)

In addition to the Apple Design Award, this year's winners will also receive a“ hardware package “From Apple, with which you should be able to” continue to develop great apps and games in the future “.

Further information on the winning apps and games as well as those shortlisted Finalists in each category can be found on the official website of the Apple Design Awards 2021.

“Material Design Awards” towards the end of the year

At Google, the Material Design Awards are always given towards the end of the year, which is why a direct comparison with the Apple Design Awards from the same year is not possible is possible.