Acquisition Rumors: Intel wants SiFive and RISC-V for over $ 2 billion


Nvidia wants to buy ARM, Intel does not want to miss its chance and aims at SiFive with the free architecture RISC-V. This has already achieved some respectable successes, and accordingly a great future is predicted. According to the current status, Intel should be worth more than two billion US dollars.

A year ago SiFive was valued at around half a billion US dollars, but since Nvidia wanted to buy up ARM, interest in the small chip architect has steadily increased. SiFive is said to have already rejected multiple offers from companies, which is why a takeover by Intel is by no means to be regarded as secure. Allegedly, there should also be opportunities for a partnership, according to the Bloomberg report.

SiFive's path is completely different from that of Intel. They rely on open source and, like ARM, on license fees for architectures and chip designs. Intel has been almost completely closed so far, Core & amp; Co. was only available to them. But that should change, the IP of these CPUs should also be passed on to third parties under the new Foundry model. Against the background, SiFive would fit in with Intel's transformation. SiFive was therefore one of the first manufacturers to congratulate Intel on Foundry 2.0.

In the end, it would probably be a smart move for Intel and a comparatively cheap deal. Acquisitions in the billion-dollar industry are the norm, Nvidia plans to pay $ 40 billion for ARM, and AMD plans to complete the acquisition of Xilinx for $ 35 billion by the end of the year. Smaller chip manufacturers cost comparatively less, but Qualcomm has already had to spend 1.4 billion US dollars on Nuvia. SiFive's RISC-V is more advanced than Nuvia's products, so $ 2 billion wouldn't even be far-fetched. But nothing has been confirmed yet, the coming weeks will bring clarity.