The BLM leader's friends refuse to enter the black men who shot her


Published 10 June 2021 at 10.35

Abroad. Sasha Johnson, a leading representative of Black Life's mats in the UK, was shot by a group of black men. There are up to 30 witnesses to the shooting – but none of them want to talk to the police, reports RT.

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The shooting took place in connection with a party in London on the night of April 23.

Initially, BLM and journalists spread allegations that Sasha Johnson had been shot for her fight against racism”. But it soon became clear that the perpetrators were a group of black men and that the incident had nothing to do with politics.

Sasha Johnson is still fighting for her life in the hospital – but none of her friends from the party want to help the police catch the perpetrators.

Police Chief Richard Leonard states that not a single one of the 30 or so people who were at the party wanted to talk to the police, reports RT.