Stop The press reports Aftonbladet for libel


Published June 9, 2021 at 2:38 pm

Media. Aftonbladet has launched a campaign against Stoppa Pressarna – but now the site strikes back and reports Aftonbladet for libel.

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Stoppa Pressarna – which, among other things, revealed the pedophile scandal surrounding the C-top Fredrick Federley – has become the target of a series of angry articles in Aftonbladet.

to persuade them to stop advertising on the site.

Stop the Press's publisher Daniel Nyhlén now reports Aftonbladet and its responsible publisher Lena K Samuelsson to the Chancellor of Justice for libel, or gross slander.

This after that Nyhlén “was portrayed as a criminal and linked to jihadism and the Drottninggatan terrorist Rakhmat Akilov”, writes Stoppa Pressarna.

– Aftonbladet tries to prevent Stoppa Pressarnas journalism by attacking me as a private person. This is as embarrassing as a gross attack on Swedish freedom of the press and freedom of expression. All with the aim of sabotaging and stopping a competitor, says Daniel Nyhlén on the site.

He also reports Aftonbladet to the Media Ombudsman.

Stop The presses themselves are investigated by JK for libel after publishing a article about the so-called Lambertz woman.