iCulture polls: what did you think was the best announcement of WWDC 2021?


What we noticed about the WWDC 2021 keynote is that there were a lot of small improvements. TestFlight on the Mac is something developers have been looking forward to, but has been around for much longer on the other platforms. Widgets and app library in iPadOS were presented as something new, but we already had it on the iPhone. Still, there were also announcements that made us happy, such as the Shelf in iPadOS, which makes it easier to multitask and the fact that you get a signal if you leave the house without an iPhone or AirTag. We are curious which announcement stood out for you.

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Apple made its own recap of the first day of WWDC, in which all announcements are passed by quickly:

The summary of day 2 is now also online, but is mainly about the sessions ná the keynote: