Every second immigrant checked cheated to retire


Published June 10, 2021 at 6:13 pm

Domestic. The Swedish Pensions Agency carried out a random check on immigrants from Bosnia who applied for a general pension in Sweden. The result is hair-raising.

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In an inspection based on more than 300 samples, the authority has examined the possible existence of a foreign pension and whether this is included in the authority's decision on payment.

The sample has been directed at applications for general pension where it applicants have stated that they do not have a pension from another country. In the control, the focus has been on people who immigrated from present-day Bosnia and Herzegovina.

– We chose to start with this particular country as many immigrants to Sweden of working age, which means that we assume that you can have a pension from one's homeland. The pension from the home country needs to be reported in their application and this has not been done to a sufficient extent, says Magnus Rodin, who is head of the Swedish Pensions Agency's production department, in a press release.

The inspection shows that more than every other sample, 167 of 316 cases, contained decisions that had been made on incorrect grounds. The control has led to recoveries of SEK 4.4 million in incorrect payments and SEK 34.3 million in stopped future incorrect payments.

Now the controls are extended to review pension applications that may be suspected to be incorrect where the focus is on others. countries.

– It is important that you do not forget about any pension from other countries when applying for a general pension in Sweden. It is also better to inform us if you think it may have been wrong so that a possible recovery amount does not grow unnecessarily large, says Magnus Rodin.