Barbecue 2021: Control the gas grill with a smart rotary knob via the app


The grill retailer Grillfürst has launched “Grill Control”, a smart adapter for many common gas grills that automatically controls the gas supply using the rotary control via the app. The battery-operated adapter is placed on the knob to be controlled and can be configured via the smartphone.

For the control, Grill Control uses the data of a supplied, wired temperature sensor, which has to be placed magnetically in the cooking space. Grill Control is now available at a recommended retail price of 249 euros, but is starting at the launch in the Grillfürst online shop at a price of 199 euros. Individual adapters for expansion cost 229 euros, for introduction they are available for 189 euros. Up to three additional devices can be added so that up to four flames can be controlled at the same time via Grill Control. ComputerBase is still in contact with Grillfürst to clarify whether several starter kits can be used at the same time – for example to control six flames via the app.

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Grillfürst Grill Control
Grillfürst Grill Control
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Grillfürst Grill Control
Grillfürst Grill Control

Compatible with Weber, Broil King and Napoleon

Grill Control is currently available for the most popular models from Weber (Genesis II and Spirit II), Broil King (Baron, Imperial, Regal, Signet, Sovereign and Built-In devices), Napoleon (Phantom Prestige, Prestige Pro, Prestige, Rogue SE , Rogue XT and Rogue from model 425) and Grillfürst available. A magnetic adapter plate is attached below the control dial for mounting on the control dial. The adapter is then simply plugged onto the rotary knob. Each adapter therefore has a handle crown that matches the respective gas grill.

The temperature progression is set via the app

In the app, which is available for Android and iOS, the user can choose from one of the presets tailored to specific dishes or adjust the temperature profile to suit individual needs. You can save your own gradients in the app. The app also shows when the food is ready to be grilled. In order to monitor the core temperature at the same time, a penetration thermometer can also be purchased for 59.90 euros. The probe for the core temperature can be connected to the adapter at the same time as the probe for the cooking space, as this has two inputs. In the app, you can then set that the temperature profile is regulated until a core temperature is reached instead of up to a certain time. The device communicates permanently via Bluetooth with the app, which sends a push notification as soon as the food is ready.

Grillfürst Grill Control (Image: Grillfürst)

The battery lasts around 20 hours

According to the manufacturer, the battery life of an adapter is up to 20 hours to enable low and slow grilling for pulled pork, beef brisket or pastrami. The adapter is charged via USB.