How to Disable (or Enable) App Suggestions on a Google Pixel


Android 11 introduced a feature for Google Pixel phones called “App Suggestions.” The launcher will suggest different apps you might want throughout the day. If you’re not interested in this, it’s easy to disable.

Prior to Android 11, App Suggestions were only present in the app drawer, but now they appear on the home screen as well. The App Suggestions feature fills in any empty spots you have in the bottom row of the home screen, and are indicated by an outline.

After installing Android 11 or higher, a message about App Suggestions will appear on your home screen, offering you the option to enable the feature or decline. To opt-out of using the feature, simply tap “No Thanks.”

If you skipped this message or accidentally enabled the feature, you can easily disable App Suggestions from the Pixel Launcher settings. To do this, long-press on empty space on the home screen and then tap “Home Settings” from the pop-up menu.

Next, select “Suggestions” from the Settings.

Lastly, toggle the switch off for “Suggestions on the Home Screen.”

If you ever want to enable the feature again, simply head back to the “Home Settings” menu and toggle the switch back on. That’s it!


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