Rum, Revolver and novels: shopping in the Corona-crisis


Due to the Coronavirus just business “of food is permitted in the United States essential” open their doors. Also hard alcoholic drinks, books, or weapons belong to? Carla Bleiker looked around in Washington.

Since the first of April a strict “Stay at home”Order is also in Washington DC. In front of the door you should go only with persons from the own household, to get some fresh air, to take care of for visits to the doctor, or essential purchases. Of people, such as supermarket workers, Doctors and nurses, so people whose work is of vital importance, are excluded. In most of the US States that looks similar.

So far, So clear. Vague it is but the question of what are the stores allowed to remain open. With the formulation that all the “close non-essential”businesses would have not done it since.

Supermarkets, gas stations and pharmacies will remain open, logically. Shoe shops, furniture shops, and theatres will have to close, too clear. However, what stores, so stores that sell hard alcohol, you don’t get in most US super markets is the cerebrospinal fluid? Or, more importantly, in the “land of the free and home of the brave,” the weapons shops?

Buy weapons for survival

While some of US try Americans, with the setting “at Least there is now less school shootings” the Virus wrest something Positive, stormed other at the beginning of the pandemic, the weapons shops. Firearms sales have reached record numbers, and in a country in which, according to the 2018 published “Small Firearms Study” anyway 120,5 firearms for every 100 inhabitants.

In some States, it was argued, the people could do without during Corona on the purchase of a rapid-fire gun. On the Virus you can’t shoot in the end. New Jersey’s democratic Governor and former U.S. Ambassador to Germany Phil Murphy, for example, said gun shops for non-essential and verdonnerte you at the end of March to close.

Hard alcohol: In the Corona-crisis “essential”

The powerful National Rifle Association (NRA) didn’t like that, of course. “Some Anti-gun politicians take advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic, you and your Loved ones, your fundamental right to self-defense and the second amendment [the right to carry a gun, Anm. d. Red.] to deny,” said the NRA in a communication to its members.

In the case of the U.S. government, the gun lobby hearing was held On Monday, Murphy said at a Council of the homeland security Department weapons shops, however, essential, you may now open with restrictions. Colorados Governor Jared Polis said in an Interview with radio station NPR, Americans need to have for the preservation of public order continue to have the opportunity to buy a gun. Unnecessary panic can be avoided.

No withdrawal in the Corona-crisis

If you go by much of the orphaned roads in Washington DC, you will notice another line of business that is considered to be essential: The sale of hard alcohol. In the supermarket around the corner to get beer, wine and mixed drinks. For everything else there’s the liquor store.

And also has still open. A glass of good whisky is probably quite helpful in the long days at home rumzubringen. On the other hand it has but also for health reasons, that the Americans of the alcohol-valve is not turning easily added.

For alcoholics alcohol withdrawal a day can have on the other serious medical consequences. While alcoholism is generally bad for your health, now is not the time for just a large amount of people forced to condemn to dry. “When [alcoholics] go through a cold Turkey, he needs a doctor, the monitors,” says Ashley Linden-Carmichael, from the College of Health and Human Development at the Pennsylvania State University. “As our health care system is being overrun by Covid-19, it would be hard to get people the help they need.”

Books not essential

The supply of weapons and alcohol is secured for US Americans in the crisis so ever. Whom to Drink and shoot still boring, and who already has all the series on Netflix Watchlist by, thinking perhaps to read a new book. But here it gets complicated. Just like in the bookstore is March – because of the closed, in contrast to the gun store and the liquor store. Book stores are valid according to the new rules of the Coronavirus is not as important for survival, even if loyal customers like Stephanie Donohoe see it differently. For you, the independent East City Bookshop in Washington DC very well, “he went on,” writes the artist on Twitter.

The book trader knowledge to help in these hard times. Just because there are no customers allowed in the Store inside, it does not mean that no books go. Normal online shopping is still possible, and a lot of small shops have come up with special services.

Branch of stuff books in Washington

For stuff books, an Institution among Washington’s independent bookstore, you can order through a food delivery service, and the new novel, a Serving of fries come out of the connected Café. And who is still undecided, you can make phone calls with a bookseller in the East City Bookshop, to Genre specifications and price, and then the expert to choose. The surprise package that arrives a few days later to go home, the Corona-crisis for a brief moment forget. At least as good as a Gin and Tonic or a round of target practice.