In the crisis, Merkel scores as never before


Corona spreads, and suddenly everything is different: The government gets good grades, the Grand coalition has lose according to the survey, a majority and the rights of AfD. Fear of infection has in Germany, every Second.

Week-long output restrictions, loss of freedom, rights, closed shops and Restaurants, and discussions about an App that transmits motion profiles, and an unprecedented public debt – such a scenario was not too long ago, only in the realm of disaster movies imaginable. However, the fiction has become a reality. With drastic measures, the Federal government fights against the spread of the Coronavirus in Germany.

In the population, it garners broad support. Political Action seems to conform to the expectations of the German citizens in an exceptional situation, and the cross-party group of followers. With 72%, nearly three-quarters of the election are eligible with the Berlin crisis management is satisfied. Only three out of ten respondents criticise. This is one of the current ARD Germany trend, the opinion research Institute infratest dimap has created.

A quarter of the Germans was a month ago, worried that they might themselves or family members infected with the novel Virus, it is now well over half (51 percent). In the perception of the risk of Infection, only minor differences exist between the generations. In the over 65-Year-olds, slightly more than half expressed a concern (53 per cent). In the case of the under 40-Year-olds, with 45 per cent, however, not significantly less.

Keep your distance, but not monitored

The since 23. March Germany-wide contact restrictions are accepted by the citizens with a large majority. 93 percent of respondents find them correctly. An assessment, which goes across all political camps.

A Smartphone App, the voluntary information of coronavirus-Infected, as well as movement data used to personal contact risks display on the mobile phone would use according to his own statements, nearly half of the German citizens. The other half rejects it. Doubt, a sufficient protection of the data.

Now 40,000 of Intensive care beds in German hospitals

Despite widespread fear of a contagion is the faith in the German health care system is high. Three-quarters of the Federal citizens, a large to very large confidence that health facilities and Physicians can cope with the Corona-pandemic basically. Nevertheless, doubts about the existing treatment capacity (37 per cent) are at almost four out of ten respondents at the same time. You have large to very large Ensure that not every Ill can be adequately taken care of.

Freedom rights in the keep an eye on

Regardless of the high acceptance of the contact restrictions, four out of ten German citizens are worried that freedom could be restricted due to the pandemic in the long term. The biggest concerns of the supporters of the AfD and the Left. Unease with the current measures to Express but even four out of ten Union supporters.

Much more than the restriction of the rights of freedom and also more than the own infection the German is currently moving the economic Dimension of the pandemic. 75 percent of citizens have large to very large Ensure that, due to Corona, the economic situation in Germany deteriorated.

The own life situation, the majority makes no serious thoughts. After all, a third of the electorate to be feared but as a result of the Corona-spread that their personal economic situation deteriorates.

Government can increase

The positive evaluation of the Corona-crisis management the Reputation of the Federal government as a whole. Were still at the beginning of March six out of ten German citizens with the work of the government in Berlin is dissatisfied, and only four out of ten satisfied, so it is a month later exactly the opposite. The coalition of CDU, CSU and SPD is currently a restraint in the population as a Federal Cabinet earlier in the has existed since 1997, the ARD Germany trend.

Behind the government’s work over the last four weeks, only a clear majority of coalition supporters not but. Also in the ranks of the Greens and the FDP a positive judgment is predominant. From the Left-hand-trailers, and half say currently after all, in the affirmative, in the case of the AfD supporters, however, only every Sixth.

The CDU and CSU in the height of flight, the SPD does not

The political change in sentiment also has an impact on the question of which party would choose the Federal citizens, if next Sunday parliamentary election would be. The coalition had an absolute majority for Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU makes a jump in the polls by seven points to 34 percent.

It is interesting to note that the coalition partner SPD will not benefit from the large approval for the government’s work. The social Democrats are stuck at 16 percent of the vote. In the ARD-deutschlandtrend queried sympathy values for individual politicians, it is only the Federal Minister Olaf Scholz, of the can as the only one of the SPD-Minister of points. He reached with 63 percent approval (+17 to previous month) almost as good value as the Federal Chancellor, comes to 64 percent (+11).

Record values in the current legislature, also of the CDU-Minister Jens Spahn (health; 60%; +9) and Peter Altmaier (economy; 51%; +13 to January). That Action is rewarded in the crisis of the population, shows the evaluation of the Bavarian Minister-President of the CSU. With a popularity of nationwide and 58 percent (+16), Markus Söder rating similar to that of the Federal Minister of health.