Global climate protests suffer from Corona pandemic and curfews


Many countries have imposed in the Wake of the Corona-crisis output block. Environmental activists can’t protest on the road, try to mobilize now digital. However, as your success prospects?

Since then, Fridays have been For the Future of the climate movement, 2018 launched, have students demonstrate on a regular basis for an environmentally friendly future. But now, in times of COVID-19 Virus such climate protests came to a Halt.

“It is demonstrating for us currently unthinkable on the road,” says Ariadne Papatheodorou, a 16-year-old Fridays-for-Future-climate activist from Athens. “We know that we are in a crisis, as well as the European health systems. We don’t want people to die, so we stay at home”.

“Digital strike” as a solution?

The climate activist Greta Thunberg has called on its followers via Twitter to refrain from mass rallies and instead focus on digital strikes during the Corona of a crisis. Under the hashtag #climate strike online, are people photos, post Videos and messages is called, the reforms aimed at limiting global warming to less than 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2100 address.

“A global pandemic does not mean that the climate crisis is over. We must continue to strike to keep up the pressure,” said Dylan Hamilton, a 15-year-old Fridays-fo-Future-an activist from Scotland. The group has put in place recently, the Twitter Account “Fridays For Future Digital”. There strike, can upload from all over the world photos and share the show with protest posters.

Greta Thunberg speaks in front of the corona crisis, which has led to lock in many of the countries of the world to the output

So far, weak subscriber numbers

The digital Protest is, however, yet very lean. 27. In March, there were something over 1,000 participants, according to the Fridays for Future Digital. One of them is the 10-year-old Lance Lau from Hong Kong. He demonstrated for 27 weeks alone in the garden of his neighbors for climate protection. “Despite the Hong Kong protests and the repression by the police last year, as I demonstrate here,” says Lance of the DW.

Protests despite warnings

But not everyone in the protests and security measures against the new Coronavirus as seriously as the young climate activists. In the course of heated debates in India to a controversial citizenship law had gathered around despite insistent warning numerous demonstrators to protest in Shaheen Bagh, a district of Delhi, India. Later, one of the protesters has tested positive for COVID-19.

Lance Lau protested in the garden of his neighbors

According to Ashiq Rahman from Fridays For Future India had hoped to the last to the climate protests in the streets of India to continue as the starting-block in Europe and the United States was limited. The Shaheen Bagh rally and the subsequent country-wide spread of the Corona Virus has advanced to the now, however, a bolt.

“Corona gets more attention than the climate crisis. This is a Problem,” said Rahman. “We are facing a long-term global warming crisis”. It is important, therefore, that you lose even in times of Corona, the necessary climate measures from the eyes.

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Greta Thunberg calls for deeds

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The climate change conference in Madrid: Greta Thunberg calls for deeds

Fridays For Future plans, weekly Webinars, and discussions with leading scientists, journalists and activists.

Climate struggle in the crisis

The digital protests are not, however, “generate, by far, the same degree of public interest, as it did the street protests last year”, says Dieter Rucht, a sociology Professor, and Board member of the Institute for Protest and movement research. He believes that it is for the Fridays-For-Future movement will be very difficult to mobilise people, because other topics are currently more important.

“Fridays For the Future is not dead,” says Rucht. Because the number of participants, the Corona-crisis, the movement will shrink now “to a Minimum are gone”. A Post on Facebook is simply not comparable with the Protest on the street.

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Climate activist vs. economy

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Climate activist says economy the fight

One of the main demands of the protest movement, the reduction of greenhouse gases. This is exactly what happens now anyway in the course of the Corona-crisis and throttling of the economy – therefore, “on the basis of the movement in a sense in the air”. Andreas von Bubnoff, a Professor of science communication at the Rhine-Waal University, believes, however, that the pandemic is instructive impetus for the climate crisis to deliver kanProfessor for science communicating.

Corona: Lessons for the climate?

“As a result of the pandemic, the realization of how much better we could be left is maybe,” says von Bubnoff. He refers to experiences he has recently on a trip in the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh collected. “The people there were enthusiastic about the improved air quality and the low volume of traffic – both one of the pandemic consequences. I think such experiences show the people how we can quickly change the climate if we tackle it collectively. That should give us reason for hope,” says von Bubnoff.

Another example is the analysis of deep habits, which have a negative effect on the CO2 emissions of the seat. “In countries such as Germany, the pandemic, among other things, alternative models, forces us, as many are currently working in the Home Office”, so Bubnoff. “As a result, we must come the old-fashioned but at the same time in Germany, the widespread assumption that to always Work to the office. This is harmful to the climate, because it leads to a lot of commuter traffic.”

Soon back together on the road?

Although the climate protests are for the time being been pushed into the Background, experts believe in the Comeback of the Fridays-For-Future movement. Rucht expecting new protests, once the pandemic is over.

The Greek climate activist Ariadne Papatheodorou hopes that it will not take too long until you can wear the Protest back on the road. “Today, the youth does not save the Old, by protesting outside,” she says, “Tomorrow, then need to save the Old my Generation, by going along with us on the road”.

  • Air strike around the world

    New York: school strike for the climate

    Greta Thunberg in the climate demonstrations in New York from Fridays for the Future is to become a worldwide movement. Previously, millions of people around the globe already for a better climate policy on the road went. The Swedish climate activist will be on the weekend among the roughly 700 participants in the UN youth summit on climate change.

  • Air strike around the world

    Solomon Islands: climate warming first-hand

    Children in the Solomon Islands protested on the beach in traditional grass skirts against the global rise in temperature. The group of Islands in the South Pacific is threatened by rising sea levels just in their existence.

  • Air strike around the world

    New Caledonia: Pacific Solidarity

    Protest in Noumea, capital of the French overseas territory of new Caledonia. Here, for example, the coral reefs are acutely threatened by the Acidification of the oceans caused by the increasing concentration of CO2 in the water.

  • Air strike around the world

    Australia: gas mask instead of teaching

    In Australia, tens of thousands of people have gone for a better climate protection on the road like this girl on College Street in Sydney, Australia.

  • Air strike around the world

    Sydney: Greta – large model for Small

    On the Sydney harbour bridge, these girls showed their support for the Fridays-For-Future movement, especially for the initiator Greta Thunberg.

  • Air strike around the world

    Japan: A Sceptical View

    Not in Japanese this poster at the climate strike in Tokyo, but in English. The claim is understood to be in the world.

  • Air strike around the world

    Philippines: Already now, a significant impact

    An activist in Quezon, a suburb of the Philippine capital of Manila. In the Philippines, the effects of climate change, according to aid organisations can already be felt. Coastal regions are frequently flooded, typhoons will be stronger.

  • Air strike around the world

    Indonesia: Poor Polar Bear

    In Surabaya, on Indonesia’s main island of Java, this girl has painted a picture of a polar bear with pity view: “Hunger!” in the speech bubble of the animal on the ice floe that floats in the Arctic and slowly melts.

  • Air strike around the world

    Thailand: “It’s our future!”

    In the Thai capital, Bangkok, students took to the streets. You protested loudly, close to the Ministry of natural resources and the environment for the preservation of their future.

  • Air strike around the world

    Bangladesh: Protest in blue

    Pupils and students went on strike in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka. With 165 million inhabitants, densely populated country is particularly vulnerable to rising sea levels, because large areas are not much higher.

  • Air strike around the world

    Sri Lanka: support from the Comic book world

    Politicians who deny climate change, are criminal, proclaimed these four funny with your Banner in the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo.

  • Air strike around the world

    Kenya: Protest at the Equator

    “Denial is not a policy!” In Nairobi, the capital of Kenya in East Africa, demanded activists of decisive political action against climate change.

  • Air strike around the world

    South Africa: “coal kills”

    In Johannesburg, South Africa, several hundred, mainly young people took to the streets. To read on your posters with inscriptions such as “No future on a dead planet”, “Unite, don’t ignite” (Unites, but not), the producer lights or “Coal kills” (coal kills). The coal producer in South Africa relies primarily on coal-based electricity.

  • Air strike around the world

    Turkey: Colorful Images

    In the Turkish capital of Ankara, thousands against climate warming – not only students, but also the Little ones protested.

  • Air strike around the world

    Cyprus: climate knows no boundaries

    Students and their families, demonstrated in Nicosia, the capital of the Republic of Cyprus. If the fear of climate change, connects you with the people of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, beyond the demarcation line of the island in the Mediterranean sea?

  • Air strike around the world

    Poland: Winter is not coming –

    In Gdynia on the Polish Baltic sea coast, this protester was on the dräuende “Winter is Coming” in the Fantasy epic “Game of Thrones” and warned that the Winter could not be realised in the future. Poland generates about 80 percent of its energy with coal and thus has the highest Carbon content of all 28 EU countries.

  • Air strike around the world

    Munich: The ice melts

    Around 250,000 people were involved in the Bavarian capital, Munich on climate protest. Including activists of the “Ice-on-the-rope” , which stood on block of ice, under a gallows – with a noose around his neck.

  • Air strike around the world

    Bonn: “Makes the earth cool”

    Also at the Bonn United Nations square, near the headquarters of Deutsche Welle, was followed by employees of the DW and the adjacent UN and Deutsche Post DHL the call for a strike of the Fridays for the Future.

  • Air strike around the world

    Paris: “Je suis Climat”

    Climate strike in Paris: According to media reports, approximately 9,400 young demonstrators marched through the streets. Here in the picture, the solidarity was coined-expressions of “Je suis Charlie” on the world’s climate. In the climate agreement of Paris, had agreed in 2015, the international community of States to limit the temperature rise to well below 2 degrees compared to 1850.

    Author: Sven-Tone