Coronavirus: Is sports Outdoor healthy or at risk?


The Jogging by the river, the bike ride in the forest or fitness exercises in a Park: Sport in the fresh air is healthy. But this is also true in times of Corona-pandemic? Questions and answers for all athletes.

A Sunny afternoon in Bonn. The water of the Rhine river, ripples in the Wind and reflected the brilliant light of the spring sun. Hardly a ship sails across the width of water street, which is one of the busiest in the world. On the shore the more los is. The narrow Promenade is densely populated: walkers with strollers, inline skaters, joggers and cyclists weave their way through the more or less broad ribbon of asphalt next to the river. You are not alone, as a couple or as a family on the go, keeping predominantly to the current ban on contact. However, in the sum of it here and there are so many that space is at a premium. Social Distancing and minimum distance? In some Places the Rhine promenade impossible.

So like here, it looks in good weather, in many places in Germany: Parks and green spaces are visited in urban agglomerations well, almost as there would be no global Coronavirus pandemic. Although there are now hardly any groups sitting together or a barbecue, but many people still are out there. The spring lures in this country, with its mild temperatures, many want to get the head of the home office and child care in your own four walls free. And sports in the fresh air is healthy or not?

Can I drive currently outside Sport?

It all depends on where you are located. The law is internationally very differently. For example, in Spain, Italy, India, or Israel’s strict curfews, which are also individual sports prohibit, almost without exception. The Spanish police is also controlled by joggers or cyclists, and sends you immediately back to home – ticket is included. Some countries or regions such as Belgium, or Bavaria, allowing the residents of individual sports only in your place, or district, what some athletes brings on curious ideas: A Belgian cyclist from Kortrijk drove a 200-mile Tour in the city, and took it pretty much every road and every track.

France and the United Kingdom have similar provisions, but remain more or less vague: the British Isles, a Form of physical activity per day is allowed, at the one “local” to remain in France, was allowed “a little bit of physical activity,” emphasizes the President of Emmanuel Macron, however, only in a close perimeter of one’s own home.

Alone (or with dog) is allowed in many places

In other countries, such as Switzerland, the Netherlands or in Germany, the sport remains the Individual explicitly as part of the health prevention. In Germany, a maximum of two athletes or athletes are allowed to train together, but should comply with distance. Sports groups, is now prohibited in many countries of the world. Fitness studios, the team training at the club, the fun run at the weekend – all of this is considered risky, and is therefore prohibited by many authorities, in the meantime, under. In the strong from the Coronavirus affected US metropolis New York will be put to the citizens currently, only “close to”, to refrain from contact sports such as Basketball.

Should I abandon currently better on the Sport?

No. Sports and regular exercise are important for our health and also the immune system, which should be prepared in these days. Because people with a robust defence in the event of infection with the novel Coronavirus, according to the findings of medical professionals a much better chance on a mild course of the disease Covid-19. And that’s just it: there is yet no approved vaccine or therapy against the Virus, the body in this fight itself. Sport can help to win this fight. Anyway, the world health organization, adults of at least 150, even better at least 300 minutes of aerobic exercise per week to cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, hypertension, cancer or depression prevent.

This advice will apply also and especially in times of pandemic: “Sport is beneficial for health, even now,” Prof. Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit in the DW clear Interview. The virologist from the Bernhard-Nocht-Institute for tropical medicine in Hamburg, warns people in the home in Isolation no longer move in front of “situations of Stress, which can lead to heart attack or stroke”. His colleague Christian Drosten of the Berlin Charité supplemented in the Corona-Podcast of the NDR to the mental aspect of the movement: “It is important that people can make Sport, many people find this to be a great mental stability that lace up all the two, three days time, the running shoes for a half hour or hour of running to go.”

But Outdoor sports is not a risk?

The fact that some States also prohibit Sport in the fresh air, suggests that there also is a risk. In fact, sporting activities often lead to social contacts that are currently avoided. Also, people breathe in the Sport, deeper, and, in order to supply your muscles with the needed oxygen. The past hechelnde cyclists or wheezing Jogger, a couple of meters further so that there is a virus risk? In most cases, no.

“No one is at risk of Jogging alone through the Park or a walk. No risk at all,” says Schmidt-Chanasit. It’ll only dangerous if a larger accumulation of people staying a longer time in one place. The Passing by of other people is not a Problem, as long as the distance was maintained, the Hamburg virologist. Also important: don’t touch, what to touch many other people, for example fitness equipment, or fitness poles in the Park to avoid and after sports wash hands.

Should I be wearing during sports, a respiratory protection mask?

Anyone who has tried it once already, and it is clear: Sport with a breathing mask of power-about as much fun as Jogging when trying to stop air. Who needs a lot of oxygen and sweating, comes with a face mask quickly. But this protection during Outdoor sports at all is necessary?

Some countries or regions, before the write on sports protection masks

“No,” says the virologist Schmidt-Chanasit. “It would be absolutely excessive. Outside in the Park, no infection, and clouds float through the area.” Who is moving in the fresh air and great gatherings of people, avoid, don’t need a mask, so the virologist. Differently it looks, if it is required by law to Wear the mask: Thus, for example, the people in Slovakia or in Vietnam masks over the mouth and nose need to wear when you move in to the Public – even when the Outdoor sports.

Where should I do now, Sport?

Summarized: the home, or where only a few people are. The fitness course in the case of Youtube, the Jogging in the early morning and orphaned city or the mountain bike tour in the forest in the regions, where there is no strict prohibition prevails, it will still be possible and advisable. Because, in the opinion of almost all the virologists in the core of the measures to be taken against Corona to the avoidance of direct contacts, not the avoidance of movement.

There is Not anything inside…

The problem is, if all do the same: Meet, such as at the Rhine in Bonn, dozens of individual observed – athletes on a narrow path, missing the space for the necessary distance. Such scenes also call the policy to the Plan: “at The Moment it is just a risk, if too many people go rotten and Jogging, even if you are initially starting out alone from home,” warns Dagmar Freitag (SPD), who heads the sports Committee in the German Bundestag.

“In the interest of the company of those who do not have such robust health, we are all well advised, the current limitations to accept. No one is sick, when he goes for four weeks, something rare for a jog,” said Friday in the interview -. It refers to the fact that the people in Germany enjoy in comparison to other countries, relatively many freedoms. Each person must act in the interest of society as a whole is now responsible.

Cooperation: Max Merrill