No Russian sanctions against the DW


Sanctions of Russia against the DW would not be justified, emphasizing a DW-speaker. He shows himself to be satisfied with a Statement of the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Deutsche Welle welcomes the statement by the Russian foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, that he is not in favour of restrictions against Western media, including Deutsche Welle,.

According to the Russian news Agency Interfax, Lavrov said at an OSCE media conference in Moscow: “The Ministry of foreign Affairs does not support Reflection, with the aim to revoke media accreditation”, – said Lavrov on the question of whether he thought it necessary, foreign media, including Deutsche Welle, the accreditation should be repealed.

DW-speaker Christoph Jumpelt said on Wednesday as a result: “An imposition of sanctions against DW would be justified in any way.” Russian media reports claim that the DW would have apologized for its reporting on the protests in Moscow in the summer of this year, he rejects. “This must be a misunderstanding,” says Jumpelt.