A native of Indonesia, and their chances for “The Voice of Germany”?


Until 2018, Claudia Emmanuela Santoso came from Indonesia, for study in Germany. A year later, the 18-Year-old a good chance to win the talent show “The Voice of Germany”. Into the final as the favourite.

It is not a matter of course, that in the so-called Blind Auditions for the casting show “The Voice of Germany” all four celebrity Coaches to turn around. The need to try to get the young talent in your Team, to the satellite.To win 1 Show with them in the end. In the first round, the judges sit with their backs to the participants alone, whose voice should be decisive, whether a Coach wants to get the singer or the singer in his Team.

Claudia Emmanuela Santoso had at her first appearance a few weeks ago, the free choice between all four Stars of The series after Rea Garvey, Sido, Alice Merton and Mark Forster hit your Buzzer, as the 18-Year-old “Never Enough” from the movie “The Greatest Showman” sang. Your vocal power and convinced them all: “We can go directly to the final,” said Rea Garvey. Ultimately, Santoso decided in favour of the Team of the Alice Merton (“No Roots”), whose smitten conclusion was: “You rock my world.”

From the German class on the stage

Before the Finale of the current ninth season on may 10. November Claudia Emmanuela Santoso is regarded as favorite. Not until the summer of 2018 was drawn from the Indonesian city of Cirebon to Germany, shortly after you applied for your participation in the talent show. In their homeland they had visited three months in a German course, tells Claudia Emmanuela Santoso of the DW. “With my cousin, who has attended the course, I watched ‘The Voice of Germany’. So I thought, if I live in Germany someday, I would like to participate in the Auditions.”

In Munich Santoso music studies, her passion was early to recognize. With four years you attended in your home to a music school, took piano and violin lessons and trained her voice. Longer the young singer on her Instagram Account Clips of themselves on the network, fuelled by her TV success, she has now more than 120,000 subscribers.

Robot? Machine? Perfect!

More than 21 million Views counts on YouTube, her first appearance in “The Voice of Germany”. In the Show, she has backed up her great Talent from round to round. “I have the feeling you’re a robot or a machine, how can you sing so perfectly? It’s incredible!”, Sido said after one of their performances. Not only the hearts of the Coaches, but also of the audience has taken the young singer, who laughs heartily when it is again showered with praise – and unabashedly your braces exposed.

In her home town of Cirebon their performances in the talent show will be followed at the Public Viewing, the Indonesian newspaper “Kompas” reported Claudia Emmanuela Santoso and the Indonesian Consul General in Frankfurt am Main, congratulated on Twitter to your success.

“I hope to learn by participating in ‘The Voice of Germany’ a lot,” says the singing talent of the DW. She wanted to make new Connections, new people and the entertainment industry meet. “Most importantly, a Song or a Single is for me to create something. I would like to give their own concerts. But I would also like to continue my study.”

In order to combat her homesickness, is committed Claudia Emmanuela Santoso in the Munich home of choice in an Indonesian community. To Germany she came alone, without family. Had pins and needles in their first TV appearance via video messenger. In the final, Claudia Emmanuella Santoso can now count on the support of their loved one arriving in the hope of the Triumph of Indonesia.