A look behind the Scenes of the Federal intelligence service


Since moving to Berlin in service to tick the German foreign intelligence, the watch is different: openness instead of camouflage is the Motto. The latest highlight is an interactive permanent exhibition.

There was a time in which nobody should know that it is there at all: the Federal intelligence service (BND). In the first years after the Second world war, the game of hide and seek took sometimes grotesque elements. As “official accommodation” operated under the name of the foreign competent secret service. At that time, the staff lived still hiding in Pullach, South of Munich. Today, however, the BND is found almost in the heart of Berlin. The sprawling, architecturally, a little monotonous looking Area is just three metro stops away from the bustling Friedrichstrasse.

Not a bad address for a state Agency that works in Secret and Germany’s security guarantee to. And, therefore, the public acceptance of the mishaps and scandals of the rich BND grows, he goes for some time on the Offensive. The new building was in the middle of the German capital, a clear Statement, it is the now-opened exhibition only.

The Monolith “The thing” by Stefan Sous brings some variety in the otherwise monotonous BND-Neubau

Already since the spring of accessible visitor center is considered unique in the world. You are proud when you from the Chancellery-controlled news service. The word “intelligence” do not listen to more than 6500 employees are so fond of. Be as transparent as possible, you want to come to the Chaussee road across. In the immediate vicinity of the world-famous natural history Museum is now the BND also a Museum-like Touch: the secret service next door to the touch so to speak.

The charm of James Bond films

Interactive, multi-media, high-modern – the exhibition attracts visitors with its 120 exhibits. The highlight is a two-storey, 72-square-metre LED wall that makes the room like a Planetarium appear. The bluish shimmering, three-dimensional Panorama with the bright points and lines, stimulates the imagination of the visitors. The BND, a taxpayer-funded high-tech companies of the 21st century.Century? In a certain way.

Quietly on the road in the intelligence world: an exhibit from the new BND-exhibition

While no one sells drones for domestic use, or manipulated microphones to the secret wiretapping of the neighbors, instead a couple of classics from the world of espionage, but to see. Including those that exude the charm of James Bond films from the 1970s. A normal looking Shoe with a built-in cavity, with the aid of a classic screw-in thread to open.

The BND is adorned with Lex Barker, alias “Mister dynamite”

Speaking of Film: a bright spot light lit the wall, the plate is a celebration of image of male floppy hats and pretty women. Highlight is a slightly alienated movie poster from 1967: In the main Lex Barker, Maria Perschy roles in the agent satire “Mister Dynamit – Morgen the death kiss”. The BND can therefore take on the Arm.

Espionage-Dreamteam: Lex Barker (R) and Maria Perschy in the 1967 filmed BND-Satire “Mister dynamite”

The topic of the secret service, but it is much too serious and dangerous, to light it only from the slack side. The BND exhibition on a total area of about 400 square meters is at the same time serious and informative. In the case of rectangular stelae, one can get a picture of it, on what legal basis the secret service works, or who controls him.

Explosives vests and life jackets for children

That BND employees risking sometimes their lives, at the sight of a suicide vest almost physically palpable. Among the most impressive exhibits also a small air-defense missiles from crisis regions, the so-called “Manpads”. And what is happening daily on the refugee route in the Mediterranean sea, an ocean-going disabled children’s swimming vest guess.

How big is the risk of terrorist attacks for BND-people should show these explosives vest

Who should plan the 2.5-million-dollar, eerily beautiful BND-exhibition in Berlin, would like to look at the in time: for security reasons, the doors open only for groups of visitors logged in. In the long term, but also spontaneous visits are possible. As in the natural history Museum around the corner with the 13-Meter-high and therefore the world’s largest dinosaur skeleton. A similar attraction has little to offer to the BND too.