The new life after the Burnout


He worked 80 hours a week, earning dazzling and drove a Jaguar. Then Christoph Polder collapsed. Diagnosis F 48.0 – Burnout. Nothing makes more sense. The rescue, he found in the forest.

Transfer Chok – that was the last arrow in the quiver. Christoph Polder only needs seven, eight steps, then he’s at the target on the other side of the dirt road in the middle of the Steigerwald forest, Northern Bavaria. “Not so bad, it’s Colorful.” He is delighted: Not a competition distance, but a goal that it has set itself

As he has in this life chosen. Far away from the other, which ended with a Burnout. Arrow, bow, and camping mobile instead of international construction projects and 400-horsepower Jaguar.

He grabs his equipment and walks around the 7-Meter-car, rising in the interior. There, the slender man handled on the small stove, until the small flame hisses. Polder is mid-30’s and has a relaxing smooth facial expression, as if he could tell his life quickly at the tea-making facilities on the side. But more to the narrow table in the Camper and waits until he has him boiled, because the story is pretty gnarly.

The Camper instead of the Jaguar, a cat instead of a career – Christoph Polder has not survived the Burnout only – he now lives a new life

Escape from the family

“I grew up in a cult, and since it was pretty much every day, be sober”, he reaches back, as he is asked about his way in the Burnout. He has three older brothers. A constant battle for attention. At 16, he’s moving out. “Except for a few exceptions I haven’t seen my parents again.”

He works in construction and lives in residential containers. Until one day, an older colleague to make more of themselves. “‘You’re intelligent and have to the building nothing is lost’, said the Ekrem,” recalls Polder. So he studied Engineering and after graduating with an international group.

A lot of work, no friends

A climb to fix everything that went in Childhood is broken. “Then you get a knock at some point, the shoulder that you have always lacked, and then I was hooked.” Polder is a structured, safe in his analyses, quickly and willingly.

“The first boss was a fatherly Mentor type,” says Polder, the next is a been the has known exactly what buttons he him had to. for a Top Performance And Polder wanted to go further, as if the Job is not triggered enough resources. He wants to a Master’s degree in project management, construction and real estate. “Since I came in 60 and 80 hours a week and I still studied, by the way.”

He earned as project Manager up to Euro 100,000 per year, has no time for friends, no life outside of the company. But there he can earn respect and recognition. He compensated for the personal Void with even more use. Polder takes, gets sick and he can’t even tell.

Until it is written after a minor car accident for three days sick. A prescribed standstill in the he realizes that he has only held the movement. His Doctor diagnosed a Burnout.”The diagnosis is then F 48.0,” says Polder. He was always a very precise type.

Time pressure, loneliness, excessive demands, high demands on themselves – often leads the way at some point in the Burnout.

Drooling on the Couch

Polder pressed the palms of his hands on the table top, as he remembers his crash. As he could not bring himself to go to work. “I slept 18 hours, and then I lay for hours face down on the Couch and was just drooling in front of me.”

Polder seeks the help of Doctors and healers. Three years ago, he left his Job. But he can’t leave so quickly. If he does something, then he wants to do the least thoroughly.

“I’ve changed completely, I am now a completely different person. I have worked in the past only and now I’m doing exactly the opposite,” he says. He traded his sports car for this camper and pulls since then, from Parking lot to Parking lot, he prefers to be in the woods. He deserves something as a construction consultant.

“I cured myself”, says the Ex-Manager. On a Board of a camping automobile dozens of jars and jars with folic acid, vitamins, minerals. “I’m healthy, I could throw it away now, actually,” he says and waves his hand; over these tools he does not talk like that.

A new life as a counselor-author

Christoph Polder now has a new Mission. The sure has to do with the search for recognition. He now writes books: a guide for students and for builders. Finally, the own story of the sinking and rescue. “I was so dissatisfied with the literature on Burnout, because it was always about to go with the and the symptoms the and to that doctor,” he describes his Motivation. “I wanted to show how to pull yourself out of the swamp!”

The book he has typed in three months down and it has been published with a Print-on-Demand publisher. He remains ambitious, hard-working and structured, even in his new life. “In six steps from the Burnout,” promises his book in the line. His recovery is still very fresh – it could be interesting to see if him have taken away the six steps and the life in the forest, far enough from the old Christoph Polder, has been in the Burnout.