Yemen: “The world has abandoned us”


The civil war in Yemen, according to UN, the largest humanitarian crisis in the world. In a personal report of Yemen portrays life itischer Journalist and everyday life in Sanaa after five years of war, and the Huthi rule.

You said: “The war is Good”, but that is a lie. You said: “The war will help us,” but he has destroyed us. They said: “We are building a modern Yemen”. But we experience death and destruction, the responsibility of various religious-extremist militias.

And we are witnessing the end of political rights and Freedom, of which we had Yemenis dreamed of before 2014 began, the problems with the Houthis. During the warring parties to discuss peace agreements and free elections, the violence increased to the same extent as the number of poor and Hungry. And every day there are more.

Extremist Armed operate in the areas under their control, apparently, ethnic and political “cleansing”. First of all, the victims were their political opponents, now you aim at their former allies.

Yemen, with its capital in Aden, and the current de-facto Capital of Sanaa

Somehow, the various warring parties have become increasingly similar. Any armed group describes their activities as “a duty to maintain the security against traitors and enemy agents”. The are usually those who belong to the other party. However, none of these “governments take care of” to pay salaries, to maintain infrastructure, or to protect the rights of ordinary Yemenis. Rather, they base their Power on violence, extort money from the people, curtail the rights of their opponents and tear up their property under the nail.

Choice between plague and Cholera

In the capital Sanaa the same day that you as a teacher or employee is no longer entitled to payment of your salary or health care. The world supported a militia, while everything that had to do with the law in my country, eliminated and the Rest of the political forces in the militia turned. We have the choice between plague and Cholera. Imagine a life without eyes and limbs: life without rights, protection and rule of law looks like.

Journalism has become a crime, unless one is willing to praise a politician and to describe their crimes as part of the solution. The independent press was eliminated. A friend of mine runs a civil society Organisation – which it’s not better. The Houthis control everything, and instead of the annual permit, which had to catch up with local organizations in the past, you need to obtain now, for all separate licenses. Without permission, he says, he could not go once more to the Loo.

After an attack on Ma’rib, about 200 kilometers from Sana’a airport.

Everyone who opposes the Houthis, is either cast out or killed. And they use the courts to legitimize the. The last time – in July sentenced a court in Sana’a for 30 people – politicians, scientists and journalists – on charges of “treason” to death. The Houthis claimed that they were agents, collaborators with the enemy collaborator. With Saudi Arabia or any other Yemeni parties in the cities of Marib and Aden. This is just one of the many repressive methods with which the Houthis stifle any Opposition in the Bud.

The resentment grows

Outside the capital the Situation is not better. Recently I have made a report in Ma’rib, a town around 200 kilometres East of Sanaa. The territory is ruled by Islah, the Islamic party, which is considered to be part of the internationally recognised government of Yemen, the government fights the Houthis.

The Islah had started a military Offensive against the Ashraf tribe in order to win in the Region of influence. Tanks, artillery and armed extremists, leaving behind terrible devastation. Many of the residents to flee since then, living in tents or to Sana’a.

Militia fighters prepare a mortar attack against Houthi Rhebellen

In Sanaa, the economic situation is deteriorating: every Day, new taxes and customs duties are levied, which are driving more and more small business owners in the Ruin. In addition, the Houthis of company royalties and a “war tax”.

As the Houthis came to Power, many believed that they would finally fight corruption. But today, people feel fear, hatred, and anger. If someone criticizes the Houthis in the Public, for example in public transport, a other and to.

Better, the messages will no longer turn on

After five years of war, the Yemenis have learned a few things in order to avoid even more pain. We are not looking at the faces of images of so-called martyrs, who are seen everywhere, and not a switch on the news.

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Dramatic Supply Situation

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Supply situation in Yemen’s hospitals dramatically

If you browse for example, randomly by the martyrs images, met you maybe a Relative who has joined a militia and believes that you life deserve it, if you support him. Or you see your friend in the face, you’re so long no longer made. Meanwhile, you could hear in a news broadcast, the voice of another, the criminals become the friend that talks about the importance of the war, while he travels the Five-star Hotels in the world, and as a representative of their pain, thousands of dollars earned.

We were forced to live without passion and hope. Our dreams have been put on black lists. And our politicians and the world have left us in the lurch. We care only about how we become invisible, and can stay alive for. To be able to live and even birthday celebrations is our biggest goal during this entire war. Sometimes the only thing we have left.

Nasher Sharif (Name changed by the editors) is a Yemeni Journalist based in the de facto capital of Sanaa.