Bolsonaros dream of a tourist Paradise


President Jair Bolsonaro wants to transform the nature reserve of Tamoios, South of Rio de Janeiro into a tourist Paradise. However, not all residents can enjoy, Casinos, and party beaches.

The Mambucaba beach, a Hand fully enjoys a holiday, the warm rays of the sun of the Brazilian winter. “We had more tourists, if you would turn here into a tourism Hotspot,” says restaurant owner, Doriel. It goes to the President Jair Bolsonaro should once Resort Hotels and casinos.

“If he would bring here, that means for a lot of people work”, says ice cream vendor Ronardi next door. He knew the President well, in the construction of the house at the other end of the beach he had helped. Also, they fished together. “His Hobby was diving, and he was a good perch with the harpoon, killed many a wolf.”

A tourist Mecca, à la Cancun

On the beach Mambucaba in the “Estação Ecológica Tamoios”, a nature reserve with 29 Islands that would transform Bolsonaro like to be in a tourist Mecca like Cancun begins. Cancún, Mexico, party, beach, Casino-Hotels and the spring break Parties of the US students. Thousands of Jobs and billions of revenues it would bring, the President, the look of his garden gate directly on to the protected area.

The beach on the coast in the vicinity of the nuclear power plant Angra 1 and Angra 2

The nature reserve of Tamoios was established thirty years ago as an ecological buffer zone to two nuclear power plants, to the beach, Mambucaba limits. The nature reserve is located in the beautiful Bay of Angra dos Reis: turquoise sea, Islands at the horizon, lush green rain forests around the beaches. A Paradise, the biologist Suzana Raminelli, a specialist for seahorses and a resident of Mambucaba.

In Mambucaba, one relies on low-cost tourism. The Raminelli don’t like. “The Tourist who comes here, thinks nothing of Ecology, leaves his garbage and doesn’t care about the beach.” Instead of mass tourism, such as Bolsonaro, they want sustainability. “If you want to here focus on high-quality tourism, then you have to first invest in the protection of the environment. Then well-heeled tourists come.” Store owner Luiz Alberto from Mambucaba also wants to see changes. Because “he who has money, go somewhere else where it is more beautiful.” But Casinos and large Hotels, he doesn’t want to. “It must be what, what to take into account the nature.”

Angra dos Reis – a refuge for many of the Rich of Rio and Sao Paolo

With the Mexican city of Cancún, it could not compare to the natural reserve of Tamoios but, says the environmental activist Ivan Marcelo Neves. Especially in the remote areas of the Rich of Rio and São Paulo to settle and build in the secluded bays and coves rather just your own private hideaway. And rest want: “Here You will meet the great assets of this country. And don’t see such ideas,” said Neves. He advises against Bolsonaro of his plans. “With his signature, the President can do almost anything. But if you look, whether it would be from an ecological, economic, cultural, and historical reasons make sense, so you can only say: It would be a gigantic mistake.”

The world heritage site title in danger?

The historic town of Paraty, an hour’s drive from Mambucaba the coast road down, continues to the South of Mambucaca on the well-heeled guests. Highlight of the literary Festival Flip, the international literary avant-garde. Since July, Paraty is also a UNESCO world heritage site, what makes Cristina Maseda, the culture Secretary, hope. “More tourism is on the one hand, in our interest. But since we always think of sustainable tourism.”

Cristina Maseda – culture Secretary of the city of Paraty

Because of the UNESCO title was awarded for the rare combination of culture, nature and history. In addition, the island of Ilha Grande, the nature reserve of Bocaina mountains, with its Coastal and indigenous communities, as well as those of the Quilombolas, the descendants of runaway slaves is in the vicinity.

Tamoios is located between the well-protected UNESCO sites, in the so-called Buffer Zone. A tourism Pool would probably mean the loss of the recently-acquired title. “If the President says he wants to rebuild Cancun, then we must put on our hot. You can feel already the pressure,” says Edmundo Gallo of the socio-ecological NGO “Observatório de Territórios Sustentáveis e Saudáveis do Mosaico da Bocaina”.

Paraty, a town on the coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro

Whether the UNESCO title can protect the nature, and the original communities? “Will not alleviate the pressure on these areas. The real estate sector makes a great deal of pressure, particularly on the traditional fishing communities, and the Off-Shore drilling, the Nuclear program, the shipyards and some of the Resort projects to come. All of that will not be less, as the pressure on the Tamoios and the other protected areas,” says Gallo.

A vendetta of Bolsonaro?

Also Vaguinho do Campinho, representatives of the Indigenous and Quilombolas in the Region of Paraty, wants sustainability to mass tourism. Because the mean Of the mangrove areas, privatisation of beaches and endangering the nature and biodiversity. To the growing garbage, Prostitution and the drug trade, the Gangs that now control large areas of the Region is yet to come. “This development model, we don’t want to.” At this year’s literary Festival, some of the demonstrated choirs with “gone with the Cancun” speech.

Edmundo Gallo: “Need to get dressed warm in here”

Ultimately, the Cancún-that’s the idea nothing more than a personal vendetta Bolsonaros, believes activist Neves. In 2012, the environmental authority Ibama Bolsonaro fishing on the Mambucaba had caught-the beach. Although photos show him and the Angel, denying Bolsonaro all, the fine of 10,000 Real – the equivalent of a little over 2000 Euro he’s never paid. The Episode have it reduces the desire for fishing, he said once in a TV Interview. And his aversion to the environmental authorities and their “fine industry” brought forth, against which he rages for years.

A few weeks ago, the authority adopted the President of the fine. The official who imposed it once, but had to take his hat. Also, the Budget of Ibama has been cut, exactly like that of the environmental protection Agency ICMBio, which is responsible for the management of Tamoios responsible.

“This is a personal matter, which casts a shadow on our country and on the Region, and – if he implements it in fact – our Bay would endanger that is currently protected to a certain degree,” says Neves.