Enemy lists: targeted by the extreme Right


Thousands of people are on so-called enemy lists of the extreme Right. The Ministry of the interior sees no specific threat, many victims feel left in the lurch. How great is the danger really is?

Seized weapons and a shield for the criminal neo-Nazi group “Combat 18”

To threats of murder Ruben Neugebauer has used already. He works for the organization “Sea-Watch”, the Refugees in the Mediterranean sea from Drowning rescues and Europe. So he is not only friends.

“We have seen for years, death threats and concrete murder threats, that is what we live with,” he says of the DW. His Name appears on the extreme right of the enemy lists, doesn’t surprise him.

Visibly Mark Henry* is shocked about it. He stands on the same enemy list as Ruben Neugebauer. He learns, but not from the police but from the German wave. He is completely knocked on the head. “Spontaneously, I am now thinking: do I Need to pack the pepper spray me or otherwise protect it?”

Mark Henry is a teacher, so far, he had little to do with the extreme Right to. But on his Blog he had a clear position against the right-wing populist AfD and hatred of received messages. This could be the reason why he is now as the enemy is listed, presumed to be Henry. His real name he would not publish for fear of even more targeted.

Ruben Neugebauer of Sea-Watch since a long time, death threats

Objective: to fear and terror

Political scientist Hajo Funke researches for many years, to right-wing extremism. The authors of such lists follow according to Funke, multiple objectives. “What you are, of course, is spreading fear and terror to, at least, of the intention,” says Funke. The lists could serve as a “specific hazardous area” is to be attained, as in the case of Walter Lübcke.

The CDU member of Parliament and President of the government of the district of Kassel stand on such an enemy list, and was shot a few months ago of a probably extreme right-wing perpetrators. According to Funke, the lists could hope to be but a preparation for the so – called “X-day” – “the day the extreme Right to take Power. Then the lists should serve to make persons be identified and fixed,” says Funke.

The list of Mark Henry, and Ruben Neugebauer, bears the title of “wirkriegen all of you” and contains data of around 200 people. The author is unknown, on the Internet, it was only for a few hours accessible.

Also, the CDU-politician Walter Lübcke stand on an enemy list. He was on 2. June 2019 shot

The DW, the list is: It is not a mere list of names, with addresses, comments and insults are there. “Anti-capitalist Muselkopf”, “leftist Prick”, “protesters cunt” – the hatred is quite clear. The persons listed are for the most part, activists, journalists, left-wing and green politicians.

There is a lot of trading of such lists: So hacked, for example, the extreme right-wing group, ‘Northern cross’ the site of a left-wing punk rock-shipment, and put the resulting 25.000 addresses on a list. For a Long time already also a site online that has it apart especially on people of the Jewish faith: On the platform of ‘judas.watch’ will not be counted, only the supposed ‘enemies’ and in categories A (particularly odious) to D divided, but Jewish people with a star of David marked.

No real danger?

The Federal Ministry of the interior to have the risk situation for lists of this type tested. In a press release it is stated: “there is no ongoing, however, have come so far basically points to the fact that the persons Concerned are subject to a specific risk. A threat to the persons referred to therein, the institutions and the organizations is not given according to the Federal criminal police office currently.”

It is, therefore, up to now, the land offices of criminal investigation to decide whether or not you will contact Affected or not. A Germany-wide, uniform set of rules, there is not. The effect: he Who lives in Munich, learns more that he is on an enemy list, as someone who lives in Berlin.

The anti-Semitic Website “judas.watch” is accessible to the public

Helga Seyb of the Berlin advice centre “Reachout” keeps the handling of the police and of the Federal Ministry of the interior, with such lists for negligence. In your assessment, a risk of the lists entirely: “There are data to be collected, and these data should of course also be used. Maybe it is not now dangerous, but it can be at any other time is dangerous,” she says of the DW.

How dangerous are the lists?

Political scientist Hajo Funke says, the risk was list of list to to different from Person to Person. In the case of a list with 25,000 people, whose data were taken in a Hack of a left-wing Website, were not all in danger.

However, in the case of small lists, such as “wirkriegen all of you”, which specifically addresses are searched for, and online would be the risk for the Affected larger. “You are now at risk, in addition, probably in immediate danger. If the security authorities would be well, would you see the so and make it public,” says Funke.

For the people who are on the lists, are fear, disappointment, and indignation. Ruben Neugebauer says: “We are here by the authorities, left in the lurch. The interior Ministry has not recognized the danger of such lists, and denies it even now, this is a huge scandal.” He is being networked now – just like Mark Henry, with other interested parties, who are also on the list. Mutual support is the biggest help.