The long Arm of Ankara


The Federal government is seeking to gain access to Osman B., who was arrested at the end of July in Antalya. His lawyer sees in the actions of the Turkey a Declaration of war on freedom of expression and members of the opposition abroad.

For a lawyer Berthold Fresenius, there is no doubt, why his client Osman B. at the airport of the touristic location of Antalya, was arrested: “The Turkish government imposed de facto abolition of the freedom of expression and freedom of the press should not make it to the borders of Turkey hold,” said B. s lawyer on Wednesday at the request of the German wave. Members of the opposition abroad should know that they merged with government-critical Statements at the port of entry in Turkey arrest risk.

Fresenius was shortly after the arrest of a German with Turkish roots of the family members in the case informed. As in Germany, a qualified lawyer, he is, however, not possible, direct contact with Turkish Authorities to be incorporated. That’s why the Federal Foreign office in Berlin and the German Embassy in Ankara to seek, as usual in such cases,. From there, the Consulate was turned into Antalya, the Fresenius claims to in contact.

Foreign office avoids political assessment

However, German diplomats would be unable to speak with Osman B., said the spokeswoman for the foreign office, Maria Adebahr, on Wednesday at the Government press conference in Berlin. The necessary steps for consular assistance had been initiated. At the same time, Adebahr stressed the importance of freedom of press and speech: It was “very high” goods. In the light of various cases in the past few years had been discussed with the Turkish government about the “important issue” again and again. “We.”

Holidays in Turkey can be dangerous, as is the case in Antalya detained Osman B. shows

A political assessment of the media reports, known case, the spokeswoman for the foreign office contained. Meanwhile, B. s lawyer, Fresenius sees in the actions of the Turkish side clearly has a connection with the “announcement of the Turkish Minister of the interior in March of this year”.

Süleyman Soylu had warned in the spring, according to the state Anadolu news Agency: “there are those who participate in Europe, and in Germany to the events of the terrorist organization, and then in Antalya, Bodrum and Mugla holidays.”

Trip note as a warning

With “the terrorist organization” said the Turkish Minister of the interior in the European Union (EU) and Turkey as a terrorist organization classified the forbidden Kurdish workers ‘ party PKK. Soylu threatened at the time: “they have come here but to and from the airports to enter the country. We take them down!”

From the Turkish government, it was said then that the Comments had been taken out of context. Tourists from Germany and all other countries are still welcome. The capture of the Turkish-German warehouse from Offenbach Osman B. s on this claim, however, doubt.

The German journalist and Translator of Kurdish origin Meşale Tolu Çorlu in April 2017 in the framework of its press activities in Turkey. 18. December 2017, was dismissed, subject to conditions

According to media reports, accused the 36-Year-old to have on his Facebook page, “terror propaganda” spread. In the case of a conviction, he must reckon with several years in prison.

That Turkey-travel can be, under certain circumstances, risky, the Foreign office notes again and again. Spokeswoman Adebahr reminded us of the last in the spring of updated travel note on the website of the office. One must unfortunately assume “that social media activities or Statements which are met from the German point of view of freedom of expression and freedom of the press absolutely, can cause the Turkey problems”.