Rezo, Greta, and what will happen to companies


Whether climate campaigner Greta Thunberg or Youtuber Rezo – you don’t just mix the policy. The “Generation Z” will also change companies, because they are now urging their values in the labour market.

Who gets to do it as a personnel Manager with the Generation Z, should adapt to new experiences. “A characteristic of this young Generation is that the deal pretty realistic with the company,” says Professor Christian Scholz of the University of the Saarland. He is a business economist, and specialized in personnel management. “The faith of these plates sayings like ‘the man is not the focus of’ easy and not to fall even advertising slogans in.”

Against well-to-file Claims from the PR Department, the young people are therefore more or less immune, because they check in a matter of seconds, whether the employer really is, as he claims. News about good employers are spreading just as rapidly in the social media and channels of the new Generation, such as disappointments in this regard. And who is disappointed, you must face the consequences. “The have no real desire to, with company to deal. Either you ignore companies that don’t behave well up in her eyes, or you just go.”

Mobile only

With Generation Z young people are now starting to flow into the labour market. By definition, this Generation refers to children, young people and young adults born in or after 1995, so a maximum of 25 years old. They are Digital Natives, natives of the digital world of Wonder that distinguishes them significantly from earlier generations. For the question between the Computer and the Smartphone, not mobile first has changed in their life-world to a self-evident mobile only.

Quasi mother’s milk, but at the latest in Kindergarten, you have already learned that all of the essential information in your pocket. The Smartphone connects you virtually with any Information in the world wide web, the information is just a swipe.

“These young people have learned to have very quickly to new things adapt. The Generation Z is very quick in everything, but sometimes not so sustainable”, Karin Reuschenbach experienced-Coutinho. She is the head of the Department of career Services of the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, and advises students in search of internships when starting a job and in career planning.

In these write-UPS for a Generation, it’s about tendencies and characteristics that distinguishes one age cohort from another. So it’s not about the fact that it is young people who act because they are young, unlike the adults. But it is important that the new Generation sees basically doing things differently, a rating, and accordingly, uncompromising responded – in many ways, by the way.


For the company, so my experts can grow, is increasingly becoming a Problem; especially if you and your older employees in old Patterns and ways of thinking remain detained and to the young Generation approach. “The young people of Generation Z are, for example, very critical of a confidence-working hours or flexible working hours”, Christian Scholz found out. These forms of work, in which the boundaries between private life and work are blurring, typical of the previous Generation Y.

The young representatives of the Generation Z may, however, clear structures and sharp boundaries: From 9.00 to 17.00 is working fine and well. Afterwards there will be time, point. “The knowledge that, in practice ‘flexible’ working hours are often self-exploitation and the fact you have chosen not in the mood. You have the case of their parents ‘ Generation observed and reject it,” says Scholz.

Just no false promises

Lazy or unmotivated, this Generation was by no means so. Only your Motivation manifests itself not in the willingness to fight Overtime. “Just need to learn the HR departments,” says Scholz. Because companies need to appeal especially to this Generation increasingly, whether you want to or not – especially in times of economic boom and shortage of skilled workers.

Also I can confirm that Karin reuschenbach-Coutinho out of your experience. As a lure such arguments as a possible career ladder in the company are in the young Generation. Because the Generation has noticed that can resolve such promise quickly in air. The Jobkahlschlag at Deutsche Bank is only the latest example of that comes in the experience the Generation of Z.

Also, company cars or other status symbols to elicit the majority of Generation Z is little more than a bored Smile. “Employers need to be set much more precisely to these target groups,” says Reuschenbach-Coutinho. HR departments should or should researchers work together to learn and to understand, in which the life worlds of these young people are at home. “Just so you can make appropriate offers to be able to get out of this Generation of Employees to recruit.”