The Flexi-Brexit is


A to exit the EU, if the British are ready to it? The EU special summit could bring the solution. However, the President of France, Macron feared attempts by British Sabotage. Christoph Hasselbach reports from Brussels.

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Brexit: May get more time











“Brextension”: May get more time

On Friday at midnight, it would be actually, so far: Then the UK should leave the EU, without that the future relationship would be governed. It would be a nightmare for the whole of the EU. The heads of state and government want to prevent an unregulated Brexit at the last Minute. You did that in March already. The question is: How often? How long you should let the British, who still do not know what you want, dance on the nose, ask the critics – even if most of the not say so clearly.

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May revealed at the time of their arrival in Brussels is quite understanding for the “Frustration” of the rest of the Europeans that the special summit would take place at all, and to put the blame once again to the British Parliament. The rejected “her” exit agreement with the EU three times already. Now May wants to see an extension of the deadline until 30. June. Until then, she hopes to reach an agreement in the house of Commons, “so that we can leave the EU in an orderly process,” according to their ideas until 22. In may, shortly before the European elections. The summit participants are sceptical about whether it will be enough. Within their own government, the majority May has achieved so far, no Brexit-agreement. Also the negotiations with the opposition Labour party are not making any progress.

Theresa May has understanding for the “Frustration” of other Europeans

Merkel: “Historical Responsibility”

As a way out of the European Council, Donald Tusk, has brought a flexible delay of up to one year into the conversation. This means that The British could and would get out as soon as you have agreed on a Brexit agreement.

The reactions are mostly positive. The Czech Prime Minister, Andrej Babis, said an extension only until the end of June was too short: “An extension until the end of the year or until the next March would be ideal,” said Babis in German. Also for the Danish Prime Minister, Lars Lokke Rasmussen, the overriding interest is: “We must do what is necessary to get a child Brexit.”

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has for the Flexi-Brexit is also much to be desired. In the past, she wanted to do almost anything to prevent a disorderly exit, with all the negative consequences for the economy. “Given the historic responsibility,” Merkel supported the state, it is necessary to preserve the own interests, the Unity of Europe think, but also ask: “What is in the interest of an orderly exit?”

Macron is impatient

In contrast, however, the French President, Emmanuel Macron. In the latest delay in March was to him nearly burst to the collar, because the whole of the European Agenda knows since months, only a theme. The EU could not be permanently “hostage” of the London of the Crisis, he said recently. Even now, he warned, Britain could not expect, of course, with his consent to a further extension. He was waiting “impatiently” to a statement by Mays, what to bring, a shift.

Emmanuel Macron is slowly losing patience

Macron and especially a big Problem: In the case of a significant extension of the deadline, the UK would have to participate in the European elections. And the United Kingdom, the concern could use this for destructive purposes. To be confirmed the critics by Statements by several British politicians. The conservative MP Mark Francois around says: “We will be a Trojan horse within the EU and their Attempts to pursue a Federal appeals project, totally derail.” His fellow traveler, Jacob Rees-Mogg had already announced that they wanted to be in the case for the EU “as difficult as possible”. He was also in concrete terms, The British would insert, for example, “against any increase in the budget of a Veto, the alleged EU-hamper army and the integrationist plans of Mr Macron block,” says Rees-Mogg.

And if May occurs?

Such sabotage attempts to prevent the EU. Already in the summit design, it is an extension of the withdrawal period should not lead to “the proper Functioning of the Union institutions to undermine”. The British would have to refrain from “any measure which could jeopardise the attainment of the Union’s objectives”. The Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel also asked for a “ejector seat”clause: Should the UK act against the interests of the EU, it should be automatically thrown out. To legally enforce the could well be as little as the claim that the UK should commit to refrain from participating in the election to certain rights of participation.

A Prime Minister Boris Johnson could throw everything on the pile

And then there is another factor of uncertainty: What if Theresa May step back or from their Conservative party will be overthrown? Then you could threaten to as a successor to a Hardliner such as Boris Johnson, the Reached may be throwing it all over the pile.