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Prelude in Bayreuth: From “die Meistersinger” and the Nazi past


The festival in Bayreuth, and the Wagner-Clan does not argue for once. Finally, a round birthday is celebrated. In the new production of “Meistersinger” is about the Nazi Legacy.

In the past year, the Red carpet was not rolled out in Bayreuth: From mourning for the victims of the previous terrorist attacks in three German cities, we decided not to for the festival opening on the annual Parade of celebrities from politics, Film, and television. Everywhere there were strict security arrangements, and also in the 106. Vintage of the Richard-Wagner-festival in 2017 will not be different. Driveway and a parade of celebs to on 25. July to take place. The guest list is headed by the Swedish Royal couple king Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, as well as by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Almost as predictable as the trumpet fanfares before each Opernakt the public squabbles that broke out among Richard Wagner’s the year of offspring for the year, in the run-up to the Bayreuth festival. Currently, there is a remarkable silence since. Instead, there is even a unusual some collaboration between Nike Wagner and her brothers and sisters, on the one hand – the children of Richard Wagner’s grandson, Wieland Wagner and festival Director Katharina Wagner, on the other hand, the daughter of his other grandson, Wolfgang.

Angela Merkel is a regular guest at the festival – and sympathy reap points if you speed a evening dress from the previous year bears

The reason for this is 100. The Birthday Of Wieland Wagner. The date was on 5. January, in memory of one of the most influential Opera Directors of the 20th century. Century, however, it is on 24. July a ceremony in the Festspielhaus in Bayreuth.

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Anyone who games knows the history of the Bayreuth festival, will be surprised by the program of the Ceremony: In the over 140 years of festival history was played on the Green hill almost only Wagner’s music. At the ceremony, however, the compositions of Giuseppe Verdi, Alban Berg will be performed. For the program, Nike Wagner is responsible, the Director of the Bonn Beethovenfest. Also, Wieland Wagner, a special exhibition and symposia of 3 are devoted to. to 5. August. The scene wahnfried is The former residence of Richard Wagner, was opened two years ago, after a refurbishment and is now a Museum and archive.
Tour of Richard Wagner’s Villa

The Wagner-merry-go-round more

On the opening day of the Bayreuth festival, the 1.974 visitors expected on the unpadded wooden benches in the Festspielhaus in a new production of Richard Wagner’s only Comedy, “die Meistersinger von Nürnberg”. Cinema visitors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland can track the Transfer with a slight time delay, as well as a world-wide audience on the radio. The work is interpreted by the Swiss conductor Philippe Jordan, and from the Australian Barrie Kosky. The much-celebrated Director and theatre artistic Director, had, according to their own information is a significant concern to take this problematic work of Wagner. Be of the Jewish Faith, is said to have played a role.

With the Elevation of the “Holy German art” and of a supposed Jewish caricature among the Central figures in the act of the “Meistersinger” by the national socialists for propaganda purposes have been exploited. In the last years of the Second world war, it was the only work on the festival program. According to information Kosky wants to discuss these aspects of the Opera in its interpretation.

In the “Parsifal”production from the previous year, women in burqas and textile occur free

On the game plan, the production of Wagner’s Opera “Parsifal are also” from the previous year, directed by Uwe Eric Laufenberg, and with Hartmut Haenchen on the console, “Tristan and Isolde” from the year 2015 in the staging of Katharina Wagner and under the musical direction of Christian Thielemann, as well as the performance of the four-Opera cycle “the Ring of The Nibelungen”, which went for the first time in 2013, on the boards (directed by Frank Castorf-conductor: Marek Janowksi).

Wagner, from the beginning to the end

Each year, new books appear to Wagner and Bayreuth. After a large festival history, in the previous year (in the picture), this time announced new publications about Wieland Wagner

Bayreuth, the small, remote town in the North of Bavaria, offers beyond Richard Wagner and his works little variety for visitors. That was the explicit intention of the composer when he established there in 1876, his first festival. In addition to the Wagner-designed Festspielhaus, however, will also attract the Wagner-Museum in Haus wahnfried, the audience. In addition to the symposia on Wieland Wagner visitors can be there at 28. and 29. July lectures and discussion: it is, among other things, to Richard Wagner in the third Reich.

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Since 2009, the famous festival site will be offered in the context of the program also children’s operas; in this year’s Tannhäuser for Opera fans and for those who will be for 4 – to 12-Year-old on the program. In this stripped-down Version of Wagner’s romantic Opera with a Happy-End of the main roles of the soloists taken over, otherwise see on the big stage of the festival house and to hear.