Liu Xiaobo: a Dissident without enemies, without hatred


With Liu Xiaobo, a key critic of China’s KP has died after years of imprisonment. The Nobel peace prize laureate had peacefully fought for democracy.

Liu Xiaobo was a true Chinese Patriot: a man with a Vision, with a Mission for his country. He was not intimidated by the seemingly omnipotent Communist party. With admirable firmness, he held firm to his Conviction that not the One-party dictatorship of the KP is the Best for China and the Chinese, but also democracy, separation of powers, the rule of law. That it was able to bring this attitude into trouble, was Liu Xiaobo is clear: “to lose freedom is part of the occupational hazard of being a dissident,” Liu said in a DW Interview in the Lobby of a hotel in the summer of 2007. At that time, in the run-up to the Olympic games in Beijing, the Chinese authorities, foreign media to open up a bit. In the Lobby there is a small, almost delicate man with short hair and glasses was sitting in an Intellectual, as from the picture book. But with an iron will, coupled with kindness; with boundless courage, coupled with a sense of Humor.

Acquaintance with the prison Liu had made at the time, extensively: Three times, Liu sat in the 1990s behind bars, a total of nearly five years. For the first Time after the violent suppression of the Chinese democracy movement in June 1989. Liu had just returned specially from a research stay in the United States to China. He wanted to personally be a part of the democracy movement.

China’s leader-shoot in 1989, the people: The massacre of Tiananmen was coined by Liu Xiaobo

In the night from 3. on the 4. In June 1989, he played an important role, as he negotiated for a group of students who had demonstrated in Tiananmen square, the peaceful withdrawal – in this way, Liu made sure that the military attack of the Chinese leaders against their own people, not more people were killed. The massacre of Tiananmen has shaped Liu. As a Survivor, he considered it his duty to fight for the Deaths to justice. “I got the deceased to a kind of a sense of duty, I can never be rid of,” said Liu in the Interview in 2007.

Charter 08

In December 2008, Liu Xiaobo, along with more than 300 other Chinese Intellectuals and civil rights activists dieCharta 08 . This Manifesto called for democratic reforms in China by peaceful means. 19 measures were listed to improve the human rights situation in China. Were required, among other things, an independent judiciary, freedom to form associations, an end of the one-party system. The Regime understood as a frontal assault – which appeared all the more threatening because intellectuals from very different and often fractious Camps behind the Manifesto.

Only days after the publication of Liu as a main was taken initiator. The happiness of an independent judiciary, Liu Xiaobo had not. 25. December 2009, he was sentenced to eleven years ‘ imprisonment for “incitement to Subversion of state power”. John Kamm, founder of the US-mutual assistance group, “Dui Hua” (dialogue) stated that Liu had received the longest prison sentence, since 1997, the offence of incitement had been introduced to the overthrow of the state power. A perfidious process Director was the verdict on the 25. December 2009. China’s leadership knew that Over Christmas, many of the Beijing correspondents of the foreign media are in their homeland; this time guaranteed international the least attention and the fewest negative headlines.

Protesters, politicians, celebrities requested for years, Liu Xiaobo’s release – without result

“I have no enemies”

The reaction to Liu Xiaobo’s on his arrest, his trial, and the verdict was read to the world in February 2010.In an Essay by the Dissident wrote, among other things: “I want to tell the Regime that deprives me of my freedom: I have no enemies”. In it, Liu police officers, the state is not a lock lawyers and judges explicitly: “I accept your Supervision, your Arrest, your judgments. But I respect your work and your personalities.” Liu also appealed against the hatred: “The hatred eats away at the wisdom and the Conscience of a Person. The enemy thinking can poison the spirit of a Nation, the tolerance and the humanity destroy and open the way to progress and democracy to adjust. I hope to be able to reciprocate the hostility of the regime with the best of intentions, and defuse hate with love.”

This is the Text of Liu Xiaobo, was read, as he had his perhaps best-known “appearance”: An empty chair stood for the political prisoner on the Podium, Liu on may 10. December 2010, the Nobel peace prize was awarded. The Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded Liu the award for his “long and nonviolent struggle for fundamental human rights in China”.

Guilt by Association for Liu’s wife

Not even Liu Xiaobo’s wife Liu Xia was allowed to proxy for him to travel to Oslo. In a kind of guilt by Association, the artist is since 2010 under house arrest. Previously, journalists could still talk to her, she had told the Deutsche Welle about her husband: “Liu Xiaobo is incredibly strong-willed. If he believes in a goal, he will go in this direction. Even if he knows that he can never reach it. He has something so incredibly Stubborn.”

Guilt by Association: Liu Xiaobo’s wife Liu Xia is under house arrest

All Appeals to the Chinese government to release the now diseased dissidents from prison, ran into the Void. At the end of June 2017 Liu Xiaobo had come but then out of the prison – but only to be immediately hospitalized. Because of a liver cancer in the terminal stage you have granted Liu “parole for medical treatment,” said his lawyer, Shang Baojun. His last wish, to let him together with his wife abroad for treatment, travel, remained unfulfilled.

13. July has died of Liu Xiaobo, of liver cancer. He was 61 years old.