G20-summit in Hamburg: the Global Citizen Festival rewarded activists


Coldplay, Shakira and more Stars to give on Thursday for the G20 summit in Hamburg a concert as a reward for the commitment of thousands of activists in the network. How this works, tell the organizers in an Interview.

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Global Citizen: social commitment in the network







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Global Citizen: social commitment in the network

Deutsche Welle: Due to the G20 summit, it will be in Hamburg on 6. July will be a great concert – Global Citizen Festival. Among other things, Herbert Grönemeyer, Coldplay, Shakira, Pharrell Williams, Ellie Goulding and Andreas will occur Bourani. To play all without fees, and the entrance to the Festival costs no money. Organizer of the organization Global Citizen, which was founded by Australian Hugh Evans. What is the idea behind it, Mr Evans?

Hugh Evans: Our Mission is the eradication of extreme poverty. We are not a welfare organization in the traditional sense. If you make all your money to Oxfam, Unicef, World Vision, Save the Children and the many others donate, that’s great, but we want only your Actions and not your money. We want to set a movement in motion to bring the policy so that sufficient investment in the right channels to flow, in order to combat extreme poverty.

How is the Festival in Hamburg?

Hugh Evans: The members of Global Citizen can earn points for your Actions. Anyone who has collected enough points, you can for example visit one of the free Global Citizen Festival.

Concerts the reward for political Engagement are, so to speak. How exactly the points system works?

James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett of Metallica played in 2016 at the Global Citizen Festival in New York

Hugh Evans: With the Download of the App, or registering on the website GlobalCitizen.org it begins. Then the individual Global Citizen can earn points. For every phone call, every Tweet, every Email, every Petition or for each Meeting with deputies – for everything, what we can check digital, there are points.

What concrete examples are there?

Hugh Evans: In Germany, for example, Global call Citizens in the case of the CDU, SPD, the Greens, the Left. The politicians are supposed to predict the coming Thursday on the stage in Hamburg, for more money in development aid.

What is your reaction to the policy for the Festival in Hamburg?

Hugh Evans: We have addressed Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri, the German government spokesman Steffen Seibert, the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau on our channels and within 48 hours we had a reply from them. Trudeau will appear at the Festival on Thursday in Hamburg and investment in the health policy to announce. Macri is something for the G20 to say summit next year in Argentina. But I don’t want to reveal yet.

Carolin Albrecht, you have to work for a Global Citizen in Germany. How is this campaign culture in Germany? What are the politicians come on stage to Hamburg?

Gwen Stefani in her appearance at the Global Citizen Festival New York 2014

Carolin Albrecht, Hamburg’s mayor Olaf Scholz wants to occur. We also have video messages from representatives of the four parties in the Bundestag. We are currently waiting on feedback, who will stand by the Federal government on the stage.

Other governments seem to have less fear of contact. Where does it come from?

Carolin Albrecht: the German policy is the law. The politicians are different in the social media on the go. Health Minister Hermann Gröhe we have contacted in the framework of the G20 on Twitter. He answered it, with us made and a Petition on the subject of Pandemic control and the strengthening of the world health organization. Similar we have experienced in the Ministry of development. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has made a Video for the Global Citizens. With the responses we are satisfied. Now it is a question of concrete measures to be implemented.

What example do you have for a success of a Global Citizen?

Hugh Evans: a few years Ago, we have started a Twitter campaign and the Norwegian government asked to increase spending for global education. The staff of the Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg called on it and said: “We are in the midst of an election campaign and can’t see the Tweets of the Norwegian voters more, because so many Tweets from Global Citizens to emerge. Could you adjust the campaign, please?” We answered: “we will, if you make a commitment.” I have them set me up with Solberg in Oslo. Solberg said that Norway will double within three years, the expenditure on global education. That was three years ago and it has kept its word: Norway is now one of the largest funders for global education.

How does Global Citizen, such a large number of well-known musicians like to move now at the Festival in Hamburg for the show?

Coldplay-Frontman Chris Martin played in 2015 at the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park

Carolin Albrecht: We have the great advantage that a Global Citizen has worked with almost all of the major artists of the music scene together. Chris Martin of Coldplay, for example, one of our ambassadors. He has committed to us the next 15 years to work. He turns to other artists – even here in Germany.

The Interview was conducted by Alexander Drechsel.