Column: Not all Panda in Berlin


The Berliners are in the Panda fever. You can’t get enough of “Dream” and “honey”. Here, lovers of wild animals are already on the streets of Berlin on their cost, says Closing our columnist Gero.

If you want to travel First Class, to be honored by the Chancellor with a state funeral and brought their own nurse: So that’s when the oldest Royal couple in the world on state visit: Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. But sorry, in another column like to know more about the English Royal house. Promised.

Who is this great king came now in Berlin flew in, that was another high Pair. A Couple with – Yes – a significantly higher snuggle factor: the Pandas, “sweetie” and “Täumchen”. Actually, you are here to visit. For 15 Years. As a borrowing of the Chinese President, arrives for a state funeral in Berlin. (And then probably also with a nurse, who knows…)

Wild rustling in the leaves of the forest

High cuddle factor: Jiao Qing, or “honey”.

What combines the honey and Dream with the Royal veterans from the Buckingham Palace but: The colorful leaves keep their ink. There is a debate, just telling stories, written and posted. Twitter is running hot, and some, like Berlin’s culture Senator Lederer, sees the tsunami wave of Panda-Tweeds even an unjustified competitive advantage on the hunt for followers.

One thing is certain: The Berliner loves the Pandas. And he loves all the animals. But the animals also love Berlin. And how! Cockroaches, mice, and rats. You belong to the “beloved” of the basic equipment of every Berlin household. For some time now, but the Wilder counterparts.

And the spread of terror. Personally: the other night, on the way home with the Bicycle, darted out a Fox out of the bushes and stared at me. I was startled. The animal made a traumatized impression. Immediately feelings befell me in debt.

Close encounter with the town of Fox.

What I didn’t know at the time: The poor Fox was only the vanguard of a whole Armada of wild animals, in Berlin. Since the word from the urban jungle takes on a whole new meaning.

I once googled: In Berlin, all kinds of foxes thrive. With one exception: The penny Pincher is in times of lush budget surpluses, an endangered species.

The capital of the wild pigs

Berlin is, however, pigs are also a sought-after address for wild. The colleagues of the ARD-program “Knowledge Planet” like the Berliners, perhaps, only flatter: But you appointed Berlin the “capital of the wild pigs”.

I could well imagine that the Berlin allotment gardeners honor on the Capital, not as sharp. Your allotment preferred visit programme of the cute gardens are omnivores. And who can really be faithful. Repeat offenders.

Berlin is considered the capital of the wild pigs.

Well ladies and Berlin: The wild pig loves your city. The explanation is simple: Once the natural habitats by development and other civilizational madness out, has become Berlin’s big-city wilderness is the ideal refuge. Because here there is an Abundance of what is elsewhere just: retreat spaces such as the Wasteland and the Wasteland is called here in Berlin construction sites. Unfortunately, two was wild the quite understandable confusion of the Alexander square in pigs with a construction site disaster. They were shot.

The European beaver has learnt his Lessons. It pulls in the green parts of Berlin, such as Treptow. There, he is an indispensable part of the city, I read on the official tourism Website

But also many other animals, such as deer and raccoons, can feel in Berlin, like a pig in shit.

Berlin designs form for wild animals

Columnist Gero Locking is not every wild animal cute

This is noticed at the end of the Berlin Senate administration. Which then reacts, for Berlin and for the first time a form is invented. With the help of which the Berlin of your administration is to report promptly any “wild animal sighting”.

To report it would be enough: a Total of 53 species of Mammals and 180 species of birds are registered in Berlin. With so much wild in the city, the question is: Does Berlin at the end then it still a Zoo? Sorry, darlin’, and Dream of you I had forgotten now.