WADA special investigator McLaren sets


The Russian football device on the basis of specific allegations of special investigator Richard McLaren. The Canadians suspected positive doping findings and systematic cover-up.

Football world Cup host Russia faces new Doping suspicions: WADA-special investigator Richard McLaren suspected positive doping findings in Russian footballers or Manipulation of the samples. This is the Canadians, ARD said: “Our conclusion: It is a cover-up system has been discovered, but it must have a second in football.” The world governing body FIFA should set up a special investigator for McLaren, the circumstantial evidence sufficient.

The British newspaper “Mail on Sunday” reported that FIFA is investigating the entire world Cup squad in Russia in 2014. Therefore experience is, whether the football-Team of the institutional doping system was affected in Russia. FIFA confirmed that they are in close cooperation with the world Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in the McLaren-the report referred to allegations against football players, but no names. From the Russian side there were fierce denials.

155 samples not analyzed

WADA-special investigator, McLaren calls for Action

McLaren, however, sees a need for action: “There are 155 samples that were not analyzed. The world Anti-Doping Agency has seized. The we FIFA have reported,” said the WADA-employed Canadians. McLaren assumes that these urine were samples were either tampered with, in order to prevent positive Tests or doping substances were found in it. The special investigator comes to the conclusion that for the Russian football is a separate System of cover-up striking anti-doping tests: “There was, apparently, a Bank with clean urine – and this Bank seems to have been used for a footballer.”

Evidence would be found, for example, in the mail traffic of Russian officials. “Clearly over the limit,” wrote an anonymous author in an email in June 2015. “Dexamethasone”, a forbidden stimulant, was found in the urine of the male footballer of the Russian Premier League. It is a matter of trial ‘3878295’. McLaren makes clear: “According to our information, attempting to sample.” On the ARD request is neither the world governing body FIFA responded to the European football Union (UEFA) or the Russian Federation and the Russian Ministry of sport.

Eleven other footballers listed?

Confederations Cup 2017: Juri Schirkow can not prevail against the Mexican Miguel Layun (l) and Nestor Araujo (R)

McLaren had shown in his two Reports, institutionally-supported Doping in Russia. Overall, had been involved in the period from 2011 to 2015, over 1000 athletes in the program. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) after the first McLaren-report of two commissions, to evaluate currently the investigations. In addition to the 23 players of Russia and eleven other footballer should be on a list of a total of 1000 people associated with Doping. So far, Russia’s football player of the concrete Doping had been allegations spared.

In Maxim Kanunnikow, Denis Gluschakow, Igor Akinfejew, Alexander Samedov, Dmitri Kombarow and Juri Schirkow six players from the world Cup Team from Brazil were also in the squad for the confederations Cup in Russia, where the host was on Saturday after a 1:2 defeat against Mexico in the final preliminary round game, as a group, third-party excreted.

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