The route of the Tour de France 2017


For the fourth Time in the over hundred year history of the tour de France, the Tour starts in Germany. Overall, for the route is less steep mountains, for particular types of drivers are not in demand.

For the first time in the history of the Tour de France Grand Départ – will take place the traditional name for the beginning of the tour in Düsseldorf, Germany. Thus, in 1965, in Cologne, Germany, in 1980 in Frankfurt am Main and in West Berlin in 1987 to start for the fourth Time after the Tour in the neighboring country. The tour starts at the 1. July 2017, with a 13 kilometre individual time trial Westfalen, the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The day after the kick-off time to the second stage in Düsseldorf will start. This leads through the old town first, to the Grafenberg forest, where a mountain rating is planned to continue into the Neandertal and in the district of Mettmann, before returning to Düsseldorf. The first Intermediate sprint will be carried out in Mönchengladbach. Is the stage in liège.

A Few Time Trial Kilometers

Riders and Fans before expected at the Tour de France in 2017, a balanced route, probably not the type of rider – or at a disadvantage. Only a total of less than 40 Time mileage provided for distaste for the specialists. Otherwise, one is arrivals, with six stages for the sprinters, three Mountain, and for the first time in the history of the Tour in all the French mountain ranges to a lot of variety.

Quite unusual, it is that early on in the race, the Queen stage is on the program, if it is at nearly 5,000 metres altitude, via the Col de la Biche and Colombier, and the Mont you go Chat to Chambéry. Quite a complicated Situation for the classification riders, because previously hardly any time to test the legs and the competitors and on the ninth day, the cards on the table.

Col d’Iozard: for the first time, the stage destination

Col d’Iozard: often in the Tour program, for the first time in 1922.

Depending on the time intervals at this time is likely to be this year, but probably the infamous Iozard to tip the scales. The Alps rise many times was already part of the Tour course, this year he celebrates but his Premiere as a stage. The 22-kilometre-long time trial in Marseille, on the penultimate day offers another chance to catch up – even if it is not, given the brevity of the course. Overall, the professionals need to put back to 21 days, 3.540 km.


The stages in the Overview:

01.07.: 1. Stage/individual time trial in Düsseldorf (14 km)
02.07.: 2. Stage, Düsseldorf – liège/Belgium (203,5 km)
03.07.: 3. Stage, Verviers/Belgium – Longwy (212,5 km)
04.07.: 4. Stage, Mondorf-Les-Bains/Luxembourg – Vittel (207.5 km)
05.07.: 5. Stage, Vittel – La Planche des Belles Filles (160,5 km)
06.07.: 6. Stage, Vesoul – Troyes (216 km)
07.07.: 7. Stage, Troyes Nuits-Saint-Georges (213.5 km)
08.07.: 8. Stage, Dole – Station des Rousses (187,5 km)
09.07.: 9. Stage, Nantua – Chambéry (181,5 km)

10.07.: Rest day in the Dordogne

11.07.: 10. Stage, Périgueux – Bergerac (178 km)
12.07.: 11. Stage, Eymet – Pau (203,5 km)
13.07.: 12. Stage, from Pau to Peyragudes (214,5 km)
14.07.: 13. Stage, Saint Girons – Foix (101 km)
15.07.: 14. Stage, Blagnac – Rodez (181,5 km)
16.07.: 15. Stage, Laissac-Sévérac l’église – Le Puy-en-Velay (189,5 km)

17.07.: Rest day in Le Puy-en-Velay

18.07.: 16. Stage, Le Puy-en-Velay – Romans-sur-Isère (165 km)
19.07.: 17. Stage, La Mure – Serre-Chevalier (183 km)
20.07.: 18. Stage, Briançon – Izoard (179,5 km)
21.07.: 19. Stage, Embrun – Salon-de-Provence (transferred 222.5 km)
22.07.: 20. Stage/individual time trial in Marseille (22.5 km)
23.07.: 21. Stage, Montgeron – Paris (103 km)