Europe’s fate without the United States


These days a lot of discussions about Europe’s emancipation from the USA. Militarily, the continent seems to be the American Partner to depend on. Experts shed light on how autonomy can be achieved.

American NATO troops on the way to the Polish Orzysz

With your statement that Europe should take its fate a bit even in the Hand of German Chancellor Angela Merkel has caused a stir. And the government of US President Donald Trump remains in your hard stance that many NATO countries do little for their defense. Especially those States that spend less than the agreed upon two percent of their gross domestic product for the military, are concerned – to threaten the U.S. with your support limit. If Trump would really make seriously, how could Europe then ensure his own safety?

Donald Trump and Angela Merkel at the G7 summit in Italy

The Best Conditions

The former Chairman of the European defence Agency Nick Witney believes that there is never a more urgent was the occasion, and a better opportunity, think about this question. Trumps threats from one side, Russia on the other side, and the choice of Emmanuel Macrons with the French President, are the best prerequisites to strengthen Europe’s self-confidence.

After Witneys evaluation, Europe should stop whining and, in the current circumstances as a welcome Wake-up call. In an interview with Deutsche Welle, he continues: “There needs to be a thorough overview of the Material is missing, where we spend a lot of money on unnecessary things and where we double-structures can be deleted.”. Witney is currently working for the think tank European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR).

Consequences of the Libya intervention

As the European governments wanted to take over the Libya intervention in 2011, the guide, could you offer not even your own intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance systems and basic things like ammo went fast. In the end the USA had to step in. “We should put hundreds of thousands of bombs at a standstill and instead, a lot of money in intelligent ammunition to invest,“ urges Witney as a consequence. However, he was “pretty sure” that nothing of the sort had happened.

Also Sven Biscop, Director of the Belgian Egmont Institute, linked to Europe’s hope of self-sufficiency and more cooperation in the areas of defense spending and investment. If the interests of the United States did not match with those of the Europeans, they say, Europe has no other choice than to take his fate into his own hands. In an interview with Deutsche Welle Biscop speaks in reference to trump’s “America first”policy, therefore, of a “Europe first”attitude.

To the aid of the United States to rely

The traditional notion of a threat from Russia Biscop thinks is far-fetched. Russia was weaker than expected, he says. The 28 EU States, along with their 1.5 million soldiers stronger, but still not strong enough. “When it comes to forces outside of our territory, can’t we do that without the United States. Because we have not invested in strategic equipment – long-transportation, satellites, drones, aerial refueling track,” criticized Biscop.

The development of these skills should be a priority. Biscop wishes that Merkel and Macron form a core group of countries that shoulder the costs of these expensive purchases. That alone is a difficult task, as each national defense industry does not want to give up the own niche. The Dimension of these orders would not, however, reduce only the economic concerns, but also the discussion of the Two-percent Budget lapse.

NATO expert Bruno by the German Marshall Fund is Lití of the opinion that Europe itself is crippling – despite one of the strongest and technologically most advanced armed forces in the world. “Without the unique capacities of the United States within NATO, Europe would have to fight for it, is to make your defense to be effective,” says Liu. The gaps give it to, among other things, in the areas of intelligence and Surveillance.

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Merkel summons Cohesion in Europe

Nuclear protection umbrella

ECFR expert Witney would add another point: the protection of the American nuclear weapons. Currently, Russia is able, but unwilling, in the Baltic States to invade. There are, however, doubts as to the nuclear guarantee of the United States, this could change.

In view of the uncertainties in the Euro-British relationship before the Brexit, the task of a European nuclear deterrent to fall to the French. These would not have to extend for the extension to the whole of Europe, only their technology but also their own attitude change. The same applies to the German, living currently better under American than under the French nuclear umbrella. Such things would have to be overcome by more co-operation, says Witney.