British pound under pressure


Well a week before the British house of Commons elections, investors have thrown in the currency market on Wednesday the pound Sterling in a high arc from the depot. Trigger a new election poll.

According to a on Tuesday evening published a calculation of the Institute YouGov for the Times, could Mays be Conservative in the choice of the 8. June, at only 310 mandates come, and thus the absolute majority by 16 seats to miss. The Labour party could win, however, seats. This May expand the snap elections in April, their majority and their Position in the Brexit negotiations with the EU to strengthen it.

The British currency depreciated on the morning of 0.7 percent to 1,2770 dollars, and was thus quoted as low as last updated on 21. April. The pound had risen in the period after the announcement of the election of less than 1.26 dollars to at times over $ 1.30. On the European stock markets, investors were, however, left.

Support for the Conservatives has declined since the middle of may. A total of seven surveys in the last week determined that the distance to Labour decreases. A loss of the absolute majority of has previously forecast, but no Institute. “The survey result has the type of uncertainty fuelled, not like the markets,” said Analyst Neil Wilson from the brokerage house ETX Capital.

“Dementia tax”

The uncertainty about the election outcome and the possible consequences for the negotiations on the UK’s EU-exit, and probably for a while to the pound loads, as a trader. “If we taught the Brexit vote one thing, then, that in the case of elections, everything is possible,” said Commerzbank analyst Antje Praefcke.

Choice Campaigner: British Prime Minister Theresa May

The downward slide in the opinion polls had begun with the announcement of the Prime Minister to older British higher self-services in the care require. The project was referred to by opponents as a “dementia tax”. After the attack in Manchester, with 22 dead in the past week, the opposition Labour party put the Tories also with criticism of the job cuts in the police Department.

The YouGov analysis is based on the “Times” according to surveys in the last week and a model calculation for each constituency. The Institute itself acknowledged the System was not controversial. However, the same model had been used already in the run-up to the referendum to leave the EU and have always shown a majority in favour of the Brexit camp.

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