British Airways are again nearly in the Plan


The Chaos at British Airways is also fixed on Monday. However, in comparison to the States the weekend after the failure of the IT system in the flight levels off operating slowly.

British Airways controls after many flight cancellations due to a computer glitch on the weekend, slowly to the normal operation. On Monday all overseas are to start flights from London home to Heathrow airport,
British Airways told. However, fell some distance short connections.

Overall, however, only five percent of the flights had to be cancelled, said British Airways CEO Alex Cruz. At the airport, London-Heathrow, with 76 million passengers, the largest European Airport, it was Chaos. Many passengers arriving on one of the beaches, had given up their bags already. You
will try to deliver the Luggage to the owners, but the Whole thing could take some time, said the
The flight line. The operation of the smaller London-Airport Gatwick delivery back to normal.

A serious computer glitch affected the air traffic of British Airways at the weekend in the world. Also in Germany there were disabilities.

British Airways had cancelled on Sunday, all the flights from London

In Heathrow and Gatwick chaotic scenes played out on Saturday after the cancellation of all flights, thousands of passengers were affected. Until late Sunday afternoon, a quarter of flights from Heathrow were around. The were about 60. Others were too late. In Gatwick there were still delays, but no breakdowns.

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Delays, flight cancellations, long queues at UK airports: A failure of the IT system, British Airways impaired currently the world’s flight of the Airline’s operation significantly. (27.05.2017)

He is now Europe’s largest airport and encounters, nevertheless, the limits of its capacity, which is why Heathrow should get a third runway. (25.10.2016)

The number of Europe-wide and Intercontinental Connections. The low-cost airline sector in Germany is growing rapidly – even large airports are becoming more frequent flights. (16.05.2017)

Current problems, no cyber attack

Evidence of a cyber attack as the cause of the problems, according to the airline. British Airways was problems with the power supply. Airline CEO Alex Cruz apologized in a video message on Sunday for the passengers. Customers would have experienced a “terrible time,” he said. Also in European cities such as Rome, Milan, Malaga, Prague and Stockholm, there had been delays.

On Twitter, many of the passengers vented their Anger. Julie Adie wrote, your machine had stood for an hour on the airfield, without passengers, and some had been offered to drink. Others wrote, the App from British Airways and the Check-In worked. “None of your employees know what’s happening to the cuckoo,” wrote the Journalist Chris Ship from the television station ITV News on Twitter to British Airways. “Can we please have some info? The Chaos here.” Another user commented on the computer glitch was the “dream terrorists”.

High Cost

On the stock exchanges investors are taken because of the failure of the escape. The title of the parent group, IAG fell up to four percent. Together with the subsidiary Airlines of Iberia, the Spanish low-cost airline Vueling and Aer Lingus from Ireland, the British are on to a pass in the third act the largest airline group in Europe. According to the testimony of expert Stephen Furlong from the analysis of the house Davy would lose British Airways on a day that no flight takes off, the 30 Million pound turnover and four million pounds of operating profit – fees paid to the guests not counting. Alone the amount for the Airline, according to the calculations of the specialists, flight right at 800 canceled flights on Saturday and Sunday, a good 60 million euros.

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