Russians behind bars


Hundreds of thousands of delinquent Russians are sitting in prisons. Many of them feel unfairly treated. A club in the capital takes care of the victim of the Russian judicial arbitrariness. From Moscow Mandlmeier

Anything between a used clothing collection and a dusty tax office, Moscow ground floor looks flat, in the human fates. Not more and not less. It comes to people behind bars, treated unfairly, punished unjustly, by the state, humiliated and abused feel.

Your relatives, friends, and your loved one come here. The fight for the release of the nationals, the other for the shortening of the detention time. Some would be glad to receive a sign of life of the Prisoners, or to send a couple of warm things in the “Sona”. Also in such cases there are. “Sona” means “Zone”: So-called places of deprivation of liberty. All of these cases, the Moscow Foundation “Russia is sitting taking care of”.

Olga Romanova is head of the “Russia”

“The whole country is firmly in place in the prison,” resolutely Olga Romanova, head of the Foundation and the soul of all the Humiliated and Insulted. Mrs Romanova lights a cigarette, draws: “When one thinks of Russia behind bars, a is now the winged spell: A third sitting with us for the wrong reasons, a third for no reason at all, and only a third of the hats really deserves.”

Many innocent victims

Torture in the notorious penal colony of Saratov? Restricted visitation in the women’s camp of Nizhny Novgorod? Olga Romanova knows all the cases personally. Around you a couple of lawyers, some like Artem Nikitushkin were self-imprisoned seats. “I’m probably the only one that has not yet been sentenced,” says Olga Romanova, with a sense for black Humor, “though that could change quickly, in our System”.

Every fourth male citizens of Russia, it is said, had contact with the criminal world. And every eighth female citizen of the greatest country in the world. One of the reasons why so many Russians are coming behind bars, is the desire of the investigators, good balance sheets. “The Russian legal system is in need of concrete results. The number of solved cases must rise. And so are the institutions of Law and courts of pure statistics hunter”, told Artem Nikitushkin.

The lawyer Artem Nikitushkin was formerly incarcerated himself, and is currently committed to prisoners

His case had been ordered”,” he says. He had a company that was doing well, and aroused the appetite of the municipality. Artym should share his money, but wanted to. “Prisoners held in prisons for financial crimes in Russia, awaken, of course, also in prison, the appetite for the other. You need to pay for their prison stay. Why? Because you can afford from the point of view of justice. You are being blackmailed and have to constantly pay.”

Life in prison is “hell”

Among the volunteers, which sits in “Russia” to engage, Piotr Kurjynow. In the mid-fifties, takes care of so-called repeat offenders, or “regulars” in prisons. Many of those who condemned again and again and “on the stage” to be sent are, in fact, blameless. “They are convenient victims for any police officer! Once a criminal, always a criminal,” complained Piotr Kurjynow. He had to five times deserves to be behind bars, only once “,” he says.

Historical photo from the Gulag, Perm 36 in the Urals. The labour camps from the Soviet Union exists today.

In addition to the greed of the judicial officers, many prisoners also complain of the brutality of Prison life. Piotr Kurjyanow describes his time in a prison in the South of Russia as a hell: “In the penal camp of Saratov real sadism ruled. As in a Hitler concentration camp. When I came here, was broken in my personality first of All, in the most brutal way. My Psyche and my body have been abused and humiliated. I was beaten up. So bad that I couldn’t think of anything else except: Why? Why are you hitting me?”

“The Gulag is alive and well”

If Olga Romanova hear the, rises, in her fury: “Russian prisons are not there to make people better, to re-educate and in the society reintegrate. Your pure purpose of the punishment is. A punishment with legally permissible methods of torture.”

The Russian legal system is in urgent need of reform, has even warned President Vladimir Putin several times. Happened so far, however, nothing. “The state within a state” as it is called, the top Russian prison authority, FSIN, is too powerful and has too long a Tradition. “The Gulag lives,” says Piotr Kurjyanow, “his spirit wanders through Russia”.