German exporters remain confident


Just had complained to the US President, Trump once more about to a lot of German exports, since there are new Numbers: According to the Munich-based ifo Institute, the exports are expected to rise further.

Germany’s exporters are currently so confident in almost three years. A survey by the Munich-based economic research Institute ifo. The Index for the business Outlook of the companies rose in may to the highest level since January 2014, as the researchers said on Friday.

“German exports are on course for further growth,” said Ifo President Clemens Fuest. The bottom line is that all industries peilten an increase of their exports. “The greatest optimism is seen at the company in the clothing industry.”

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The mood among the executives of German companies has brightened considerably in may, in a surprisingly clear way. The business climate index climbed to the highest level in a quarter of a century. (23.05.2017)

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The promising French presidential candidate, Emmanuel Macron, has criticised the high trade surpluses of Germany sharp. At the same time, he demanded a reduction of the imbalance. (17.04.2017)

Germany has a export surplus. This is internationally criticized. But it takes two to produce such imbalances, says Rolf Wenkel. (20.04.2017)

Even in 2015, the United States was the main trading partner of Germany. Now China has outpaced the United States over, as the latest Figures suggest. The data also Donald Trump’s new ammunition. (24.02.2017)

In the case of the economic policy of Donald Trump puts on America First, and plans to Mexico trade tariffs. Similarly, he could also proceed against China and Germany. For Germany, a lot is at stake. (30.01.2017)

Also in mechanical engineering, the company charged with significantly more orders from abroad. The Index rose to the highest level since February 2011. In the electric industry, however, there had been a damper on a high level.

The mood among the managers of the German economy had improved in may, in a surprisingly clear way. The Ifo business climate index rose to its highest level since reunification, the Ifo survey indicated around 7000 managers recently.

Trumps Action

US President, Donald Trump had complained on Thursday (25.05.2017) at a Meeting with representatives of the European Union of the German trade surplus, which is, in his opinion, much too high.

“The Germans are evil, very evil”, quoted in “Spiegel Online” the President, relying on groups of Participants. “Look at the millions of cars they sell in the USA. Terrible.”

The USA pull in the trade balance with Germany is clearly the Shorter – a fact that is denounced by Trump and his advisors. The USA are the main buyers of products made in Germany. Especially especially German cars, machines and products of the pharmaceutical industry are in demand.

In the past year, the US had the Dollar in trade in goods with Germany, a deficit of around 65 billion US. The purchases from Germany (114 billion dollars) exceeded the sales of American products to Germany ($49 billion).

Trump has not commented on his suit for the first Time. Also Christine Lagarde, Head of the International monetary Fund (IMF) and the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, have criticized the Surpluses of the German last.

bea/hb (dpa, afp, US Census Bureau)