Trump gets a gift from NATO


The military Alliance will join the Anti-terrorist coalition. A symbolic step, to vote for the US President mild. New tasks do not get the NATO. From Brussels Bernd reported Riegert.

The guest sleeps behind a high wall in the hermetically sealed American Embassy in the government district. The district had been chosen for security reasons, is it from the Belgian government. “Maybe Donald Trump-like walls, well, that’s easy too,” quips a passer-by on the opposite side of the road. It plays to trump’s promise, the United States, with a high wall against immigration from Mexico. The city of Brussels, where many immigrants live, has referred to Trump before and after the terrorist attacks in March of 2016 as a “hell hole”. In Brussels, around 60 percent of inhabitants have a migrant background. A prankster has sprayed on the outside wall of the Embassy with green color with the slogan “Refugees welcome”. The new U.S. President considers the refugee policy of the EU, however, for a “Disaster,” as he has repeatedly emphasized.

Upon arrival at the airport and a befitting welcome with military band and red carpet rustled with Donald Trump in his armored limo, “the Beast”, in a direct way through the city to the Royal Palace. There he was received by the king of the Belgians, Philippe, the Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel. What was discussed in the Palace, not the Public to know. The US President does not occur in front of the press, but says in the go over casually a few words. After his previous visit to the Pope in Rome, Trump had stated only very briefly, the Meeting had been “fantastic”.

Ornate, but silently: Queen Mathilde, Donald Trump, king Philippe, Melania Trump

Conflicts with the EU’s pre-programmed

The real political programme of visits for the President on Thursday. What he wants to achieve as in the case of the European Union and NATO, he had his foreign Minister, Rex Tillerson, in a conversation with journalists. The European Union wants from Trump urgently, he may stand to the climate protection agreement of Paris. “This will only be decided next week in Washington,” said Tillerson on the flight from Rome to Brussels. With the tips of the European Union, the President of the Council Donald Tusk and the President of the EU Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, meets Trump only briefly. The EU, the American guest thinks is pretty superfluous, the Brexit, however, for a great cause, as he has assured the British Prime Minister, Theresa May. Trade relations will seal the Trump-government with individual States. The EU’s objective of a comprehensive transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP) is likely to be expected in the case of EU diplomats, “quite dead”. Bilateral trade talks have to reject the EU-member States with the United States. This is legally not possible for a member country of the EU, was German Chancellor Angela Merkel lecturing the American President on her visit to Washington. At noon, Donald Trump meets with the new French President, Emmanuel Macron, speaking also on future trade relations. It is unlikely that the convinced the EU advocate Macron is involved in Deals with the Americans.

New building, erneuterte Alliance? Trump meets on Thursday, the representatives of the NATO countries

NATO’s Trump and expected performance

On Thursday afternoon, then the “Beast drive” at the new NATO headquarters in the Brussels suburb of Evere. The complex of buildings, a 4,000 NATO Employees didn’t become ready in time and can only be the end of the year really. So the 28 heads of state and heads of government undertake the construction of only symbolic. A piece of the Berlin wall and a part of the terrorist attack in 2001 destroyed the World Trade center in New York will be revealed. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President Trump may not remember in three minutes-long speech at the end of the Cold war and the fight against Islamist Terror.

NATO diplomats of the DW confirmed that the Alliance moved out, officially, as an organization, the “Anti-Terror coalition” in the fight against the “Islamic state” to join. The had demanded US President, Trump, the NATO accuses, you do too little in the fight against terrorism. Germany has abandoned its opposition to a NATO involvement. However, it is not for a combat mission for NATO, but rather coordinating tasks, was from NATO circles. The individual member States have long been members of the US-led “Anti-Terror-coalition”. You support the USA, for example, in the case of air attacks against IS-positions in Syria. The operations of reconnaissance aircraft type “AWACS”, where also German personnel flies, should be extended to “easily”. The NATO ambassadors had agreed in the evening. Now the leaders have to agree on Thursday.

A high wall shields the American guest in the message: “refugees welcome”


When it comes to money, everything remains the same

NATO is hoping that US President Trump, who has made “America first” to his government doctrine, in return for a clear commitment to the Alliance. Announced by US Secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, as a precautionary measure. Trump will commit to the assistance with a warranty in the NATO Treaty (article 5) explicitly, as Tillerson. This was the case of previous presidents is a matter of course, in the case of Trump, it is a message. As against this, the U.S. Delegation expects Commitments to NATO, that the Alliance partners their defence expenditure to two per cent of the gross domestic product increase. To do this, NATO diplomats have said that this aim was pursued. The NATO is known to have several times. The wording will be changed at this Meeting in Brussels, nothing, or worse.

Donald Trump had spoken several times of the individual States owed the NATO huge sums of money that you would have to pay now. “There can be no question”, – stated in the NATO. The Alliance is not a Bank and have no common defence budget. Even the US Delegation to the NATO, which continues to be headed not by an Ambassador, but only from a business carrier, ignored in the meantime, the sharp tones from the White house. The debt account has been opened at NATO in Brussels from the US side never seriously.

Women protest in Brussels against the sexism of Donald Trump

Anti-Trump protest in Brussels

On Wednesday, Thousands of demonstrators marched through the city center of Brussels, except for the hearing and sight of the criticized the President. The protesters demanded respect for the rights of women in the United States and the respect of freedom of religion by Donald Trump who wants to keep up with a travel spell, especially Muslims and Syrian refugees of the United States. The ban has been temporarily stopped by the courts. According to the city of Brussels, 4000 police officers and 400 employees of the American Secret Service are in use, the visit of Donald trump and his family.