“The Witcher”: Netflix filmed the Witcher Saga


The computer game series “The Witcher” enthusiastic crowds of Fans. The last part of the series holds the title of most awarded game of all time. Netflix is dedicated to the stories of the Witcher Geralt is now a TV series.

Monster hunter, wizard, rogue, – on his travels through a fantastic world of the Witcher Geralt of rivia draws numerous mythical creatures with a sword and magic to the body. The gray-haired adventurers enchants on his way, not only the ravenous monsters, but also the world of women: The most short romances are a hallmark of the protagonists. The game series based on the novels from the pen of Andrzej Sapkowskis. The dwarves and dragon-populated Fantasy universe reminiscent of the worlds of the “Lord of The rings” and co.

The US streaming service Netflix, and the Polish production company Platige Image have announced a joint project: The Witcher-story gets its own TV series. As a producer, among other things, Jason Brown (“The mummy”, “Ben Hur”) and Sean Daniel (“The Expanse were committed”).

Poster for the computer game “The Witcher” on the Gamescom Köln 2011

Award-Winning Template

“Andrzej Sapkowski has created a world that is magical and familiar at the same time,” Netflix Vice-President Erik Barnack. Book author Sapkowski shows, is also enthusiastic: “I think it’s great that Netflix will implement my stories and the Material I’ve written over 30 years, this remains true.” The author is the producer as a creative consultant. Created the series as a Drama in several seasons – they will initially appear in English. Which actor will embody the charismatic warlock, is not yet known. With “The Witcher” has chosen Netflix is a strong brand for a screen adaptation: the current part of The series “The Witcher: Wild Hunt” is the most awarded video game of all time. 251 prices, the trade press, awarded for the game – including many awards as the “game of the year”.

In the first video a film adaptation of the 1993 game plumber Mario fights against Evil

A plumber against Evil

Film adaptations of successful Games are increasing in popularity. In January, the sixth part of the horror game adaptation “Resident Evil” with Milla Jovovich (“The fifth Element last appeared”) in the lead role. And even the billions downloaded mobile game “Angry Birds” got a 2016 film adaptation. Here is the angry bird Red, will need to go to an Anti-aggression course.

The first video game adaptation with real actors, dates back to the year 1993. The Film “Super Mario Bros.” is dedicated to the adventures of the from the hopscotch-classic “Super Mario” well-known plumber. The representation of the video game hero is not without a certain humour: with red plumber’s gap, moustache and plumber’s helper, he fights against Evil.

Video Game Adaptations: A Success Story?

The Film flopped at the box office – not least because of its lack of quality. A Problem, to struggle with the many adaptations of really successful games:

Angelina Jolie as video game heroine Lara Croft in the movie “Tomb Raider” (2001)

In the Film “Far Cry” (2008) after the eponymous first-person Shooter Til embodied Schweiger, an Ex-elite soldiers in the fight against a genetically engineered secret army – the Action flick was ripped apart by Film critics. But it’s a different game adaptations such as “Silent Hill”, the story of a mysterious Ghost town, or the “Tomb Raider”movies to Game heroine Lara Croft (played by Angelina Jolie) are seen regularly on TV. It is to be hoped that the serial implementation of “The Witcher” as a front-runner in the list of loveless license chop. The characters are relatively well: The award-winning template and the renowned producers give reason to hope for a decent film adaptation of the Fantasy Saga.