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New look at Joseph Beuys in the cinema


At the Berlinale Andres Veiels documentary film, “Beuys had made” the jump in competition. He came across different reactions – probably because Beuys provoked.

“A lot of things I leave out, completeness has not interested me,” says Director Andres Veiel about his Film, the play after the premiere at the Berlin film festival and a number of international festival invitations now comes in the German cinemas. Joseph Beuys is a legendary figure in the recent history of art, one of the most famous German artist of all. Andres Veiel is regarded as an outstanding Director in the area of documentation, has movies made about the left-terrorism in the Federal Republic of Germany, about the suicide of former friends or of the yearnings and hopes of young actors. There were long-term documentation, including analyses of political and social upheaval, but also very personal statements about friendship and family.

Veiel offers a comprehensive, balanced Beuys-image

“Beuys” is a Film about a world-famous artist. However, it is not a work that the viewer should expect that he gets a comprehensive picture of the native of Krefeld served, no artist-portrait in the classical sense. Veiels note that he want to achieve “completeness” suggests, what it was about him. The documentary filmmaker has been interested in the people, Joseph Beuys, for its surprising Humor, and his public omissions. Less for the artist and his Oeuvre.

Beuys is an artist who settled in fond – especially politically

That’s not for everybody. Beuys is a myth, yet today a lot of work. So also the reactions at the world premiere was during the Berlinale, very different. “It has become such a militant artist, a remarkably peaceful Film, which is to the credit of Veiel high”, ruled, for example, the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” and continued: “‘Beuys keeps out of the ideological struggles of the sixties and seventies.” The have, however, introduced “the Film in Berlin prompt and spiteful criticism from the left of the ‘TAZ’, the mind Veiel stylized the charismatic Beuys-spirit is also a bit of a contrast to one without a sense of humour Left.”

Beuys still excite today minds

In such Judgments, it is clear that the artist and the man, Joseph Beuys is still at the heart of artistic and political-social debates. It is precisely this aspect that has fascinated the Director.

Presented at the Berlinale, the questions from the audience: Andres Veiel (R) and his Team

In the Film Andres can Veiel, the pictures speak for themselves. From over 400 hours of image – and 300 hours of audio, and 20,000 photos Veiel and his Team have assembled the nearly two-hour documentary. To 90 percent Beuys “” from archive material. Only a few, short Interviews with Beuys companions from that time complement the historical film material.

His goal was to make a documentary about an artist, have provoked in the 1960s and 1970s with his work on violent conflicts within the society and the art world, told Andres Veiel in Berlin: “What I found much more important, and more interesting, is the Present, the political ideas-spaces which Beuys explored.”

Idealist and thought leader: Joseph Beuys

Beuys was at the time not been understood, even by the Greens (to fathers, the founders of which he belonged, op. the Red.). He was someone “has made the end of the 1970s on economic questions”. He had said at the time: “If the money multiplies itself, in isolation from the production, then it leads to blisters, which are not controllable, then we get a crisis of democracy. He was been laughed at.”

Beuys in action: as a draftsman and interpreter of world events

“Beuys” features, these focus on current political, but also philosophical questions. The Film shows a man who was above all a free spirit, whose Thinking knew no bounds. That was a lot of upset and also overwhelmed. Not only the good citizen and the politician. Also artists and critics. This makes the Film strongly.

Andres Veiel: Beuys didn’t want to delegate policy

Andres Veiel: “It went to him with the sentence ‘not Every man is an artist’ to say is: ‘Every man is a sculptor’, but rather to shape it.” Beuys did not asked the people to delegate policy to “a caste, which is elected every four years.” It was just today very important and up to date, showed Veiel convinced: “It is sort of a template that comes just now, in 2017, at the absolutely right time.”

A shaman among the artists: Joseph Beuys

“Andres Veiels fascinating Film draws its style from the restless creativity of his protagonists. Perhaps the life of Beuys himself was his greatest work of art – this is what Veiels makes fine-spun, clever Film such a pleasure,” stated the British “Screen Daily” after the performance in Berlin.

Critics do not come in the documentation to word

You can’t connect, it needs to be but. For some, the surprising finding that with how much Humor Beuys its environment turned to, for the amazement. Others will surely disturb in mind that Veiel makes no Beuys critics to get a word in. Andres Veiels documentation “Beuys” is a Film that you RUB and you can grapple with. Joseph Beuys, who died 31 years ago, would have liked probably.