May presents a programme of foreclosure


The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has the electoral program of their Conservative party for the lower house election on may 8. June presented. One of the most important points: a significant reduction in immigration.

It’s only been ten years since the British government took under Tony Blair these ideas: immigration is generally good because it provides for economic growth. Citizens of the new EU members such as Poland, the Czech Republic or Hungary should be able to work from the beginning in the UK, unlike in Germany, under Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, the deferring of their freedom of movement is still a couple of years. Blair was also for a EU-membership of Turkey, thus Turks had the right of establishment in all EU States including the UK. Finally, Tony Blair was even for the introduction of the Euro in his country.

Today we hear from London, quite a different sound, and that is due to the fact that now the Conservatives rule. Because while at the time many Tories for generous immigration rules, and for close cooperation in the EU, has adopted today’s Labour Party the left party leader Jeremy Corbyn much of what was at the time under Blair consensus. The entire mood in the country has turned clear. This can be seen in the conservative election programme.

Multi-cultural London: in the Meantime, immigration should be “sustainable”, and calls for Theresa May

Immigration is supposed to be “sustainable”

“Too fast and too high immigration, complicates the construction of a society that holds together,” said the Prime Minister May at the launch of the programme in the North of England Halifax. Between October 2015 and September 2016, nearly 600,000 immigrants to the UK, including around 260,000 from Non-EU countries were, according to official figures. Far too many, the government. Since they came to Power in 2010, promises the Conservatives, the press net immigration, i.e. after deduction of the emigration, to below 100,000 per year. Today, the number is nearly 300,000. “Our goal is to reduce immigration to sustainable levels”, it is now in the choice program. Instead of the “hundreds of thousands over the past two decades,” should it be in the future, “net”, only tens of thousands.

Had no effect on Migration, the government so far on the EU, because EU-citizens enjoy full freedom of establishment. In the country, three million EU citizens currently live, most of them are in Poland. The EU immigration was one of the main reasons for the Brexit-the decision of the British. And, therefore, the government of Theresa May, the EU-exit will terminate the freedom of movement. Workers may need the United Kingdom, although can also be used in the future to the country, but you should not automatically have the right to do so.

The industry wants skilled workers

Also the immigration from outside Europe should be reduced according to the ideas of the Tories. Since April, employers of such people have to pay a special levy annually a thousand pounds. The is expected to double in the opinion of the Tories. Also immigrant workers to pay more for the use of the tax-funded British health system. Sent to the government is linked to this load of aliens with a training program for British citizens, because the first to Finance the second.

Poland in the UK feel unwelcome

The British economy is not very enthusiastic of the plans to limit immigration. The newspaper “Evening Standard” referred to Mays’s proposals even as the “economic illiteracy” – editor-in-chief of the journal of the Ex-Chancellor of the exchequer George Osborne, a Conservative. And Paul Johnson, the think-tank the Institute for Fiscal Studies says that less immigration would increase “the additional costs for employers and the economy”. However, the Conservatives will give in to this choice program, less entrepreneur-friendly than it used to, and instead require more responsibility of the business for the company. This fits in with the particular immigration critical of the UK independence party (UKIP), which promoted the exit from the EU, accuses the businessmen that they have used for far too long on cheap labour from abroad.

Labour is in Opposition

A limitation of immigration is also the case of Labour voters. For example, the election program, which was published a few days ago, clearly, the EU is also in the Labour-to-work movement with the Brexit. Labour does not want to interfere with the rights of EU citizens already living in the UK, when at the same time those of the overseas British to be respected, the Conservatives look quite similar. In this sense, they want to negotiate with the EU. Anyway, the Labour party is under Jeremy Corbyn is no europeanist party. Corbyn himself had, just before the Referendum in a BBC added Interview, his enthusiasm for staying in the UK in the EU, moving on a scale of one to ten, with “seven or seven and a half”.

The leader of the opposition Corbyn has not done so far forth as the great friend of Europe

So it May easy to recommend in the election campaign as a representative of all Britons: “It’s time to let the politics of division of the past behind us, and in the national interest together, United in our desire to make the Brexit a success,” she said in Halifax.

The Tories appear to have set both your as well as your program on the right horse. In the most recent surveys, you will 45-49 to 32-34 per cent, significantly ahead of the Labour Opposition. May even trust a similarly spectacular victory as Margaret Thatcher in 1983, which was a year after the Falkland war at the time, also far-left Labour party, is scathing.