Islamism in Kosovo on the rise


The Federal government has observed a growing Islamist influence in Kosovo, and apparently a preacher from Saudi Arabia. In the youngest state in Europe are always re-radicalized Muslims.

Arrest of an IS fighter, after his return to the Kososvo

“Saudi-Arabian missionary organisations are also active in Kosovo and the spread of Saudi-Arabia, represented Wahhabi Interpretation of Islam, for example, by the posting of preachers,” writes the Federal government in a response to a request of the Left group in the Bundestag. In addition, continuous Engagement of Arab “donors – individuals, non-governmental organizations as well as governmental and semi-governmental institutions in the Islamic community of Kosovo (BIK)”.

The Left party Deputy Sevim Dagdelen, who had made the request, said that the country is under the eyes of the multi-national Kosovo force, KFOR, “the Islamist terrorist center in the Region has developed”. It is scandalous that, “thanks to the presence of German soldiers in Saudi Arabia violence and hatred were preachers create undisturbed the ideological Basis for this”. The Federal government was not required “to leave the Public in the dark about the specific Figures of recruitment for Islamist terror networks, for the IS and other organizations in the KFOR area,” Dagdelen said.

More than 300 came from, to the terror militia IS to connect

Almost two million inhabitants of Kosovo. From 2012 until the end of last year, 316 should be left to the struggle of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” to join, including women and children. At least 58 of them were killed, about 120 were returned in Kosovo, said Baki Kelani, spokesperson for the Kosovo Ministry for Kosovo interior, at the request of the German wave. According to Kelanis investigations of about 240 people to run under the accusation of organization and participation in terrorist acts, participation in acts of terrorism outside of Kosovo, as well as recruitment, support and the financing of terrorism. About 130 of the accused had been detained since 2013.

Police: by the end of 2014 was taken in Prishtina, the Imam of the Grand mosque

These Figures show that radical Islam in the Muslim-majority Kosovo has become a growing Problem, especially since the Kosovo authorities may be in spite of massive international support, the Lord. Because behind the Numbers social phenomena are stuck on a larger scale: widespread poverty, 40% unemployment and lack of prospects. This results in a Frustration of many people, coupled grows with a growing shift towards stricter interpretations of Islam, as they were not to be found in Kosovo earlier.

More and more headscarves – the identity change

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Several hundred Kosovo Albanians, according to reports in the media, the reputation of the “Islamic state” followed. What can you do about it? An international conference on inter-religious dialogue in Pristina. (02.06.2016)

The police has taken in Duisburg, Germany, two men were arrested. They are suspected to have potentially an attack on a shopping centre in Oberhausen prepared. (23.12.2016)

In the last week have been arrested in Kosovo within two days, 43 Islamic extremists, and there are dozens more Suspects. At the same time, the fear of terrorist attacks grows. (24.08.2014)

According to safety experts, up to 50,000 Kosovars to attach today a conservative Islam. The vast majority of the population in the youngest state of Europe’s Muslim Albanians, Roma, Turks, Bosniaks. Today, in the capital city of Prishtina, as in the province, more and more girls and women with head scarf – 15 years ago that was an exception. Even fully veiled women are now no longer a rarity. Already this is visible, that the traditional, liberal Islam is displaced from the Ottoman period, which is heavily influenced by the mysticism of Sufism. Is superimposed on, he more and more stricter forms, passes through Saudi influence in the Balkans.

In the summer of 2016, the Institute for Policy studies (KIPRED) published a study on the influence of Religion, for the Kosovar identity. According to Lulzim Peci, the author of the study, feel 57 per cent of the Muslim Albanians in Kosovo, especially as Albanian, 32 per cent define themselves first as Muslims and then as Albanians. “We see in these people a huge identity shift from the linguistic to ethnic affiliation, the so-called language nation, to a religious-ethnic society”, says Peci DW. If this process continues, fears of a political scientist, there is a danger that this meant the end of the “Albanertums”, as we know it. And the end of the secular and pro-Western Kosovo.

The influence of Islamic countries mosques, preachers and money for the needy

The Islamization of the Albanians began after the end of the Kosovo war, the first insidious. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other Islamic countries have invested massively in the reconstruction and construction of new mosques, they sent preachers and help the needy. Today, 742 of the mosques in Kosovo, and other Muslim buildings, such as Koranic schools. However, with the money, and the preachers of a different Islam came into the country.

The political scientist Agon Demjaha, has been involved in the investigation on the identity formation of the Kosovars, says that politicians and political parties towards this phenomenon had been too long indifferent and indecisive. The sociologist Smajl Hasani, one of the causes in the poor education system of Kosovo. There had been little value placed on it, to show the Kosovar identity with a religiously-tolerant, multi-religious identity.

Students of the Islamic school Madrasah in Prizren: more and more women in Kosovo to wear a head scarf

Representatives of the Islamic community to reject partially to blame for the radicalisation. On the contrary, The theologian Besa Ismaili says, none of the Kosovars who have joined the terrorist networks that had gone out of their community. The fight in the name of Religion is wrong. And this ideology had been prevalent among the Albanians never. The terrorist have nothing to do with the Faith. “Among the true believers there is no extremism in the Faith, there is not violence, but love,” emphasizes Ismaili.

German soldiers in Kosovo, Kosovar extremists in Germany?

However, all efforts at Education, Despite the social conditions in Kosovo remain difficult. Florian Qehaja, Director of the center for security studies in Kosovo, has examined you and is called as the reasons for the catastrophic economic situation and the weak state structures – characterized by indecision, corruption and incompetence. Young people, says Qehaja, suffered from a lack of future prospects. They felt in Europe, increasingly isolated and sought, therefore, other ways. To stop Islam stop a holistic strategy is necessary: the training of the youth, the selection of the imams, the media, as well as in the security architecture in the country. In addition, the country will need regional cooperation with the neighbouring countries Macedonia and Albania, as well as for more international support, especially from the US and the EU, as these countries enjoy a high reputation in Kosovo.

Well attended – the noon prayer in the mosque in Podujevo, in the North-East of Kosovo

Germany is represented in Kosovo, both in the military KFOR-Mission of the UN with 800 soldiers, police officers and experts from the Eulex Mission, the EU wants to strengthen the rule of law. In particular, Germany is connected by a large Immigration of around 400,000 Kosovars closely with the developments. The assassin, shot in 2011 at the Frankfurt airport, two U.S. soldiers, was a child of Albanian migrants. And also the arrest of two Kosovars under suspicion of terrorist activities by the end of 2016 in Duisburg, shows the sensitivity of the radicalisation in Kosovo for Germany. You men were suspected to have put a stop to the Centro shopping centre in Oberhausen planned.