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San Francisco celebrates the “Summer of Love”


In the 50’s. The anniversary year of the legendary “Summer of Love” expected in San Francisco to numerous Events, below the Golden Gate bridge to autumn, many thousands of visitors from all over the world.

In 1967, the Californian city to the Flower Power was the metropolis and the Hippies created a new design for living. Hundreds of thousands of young Americans came together here to demonstrate inspired by music, against the Vietnam war and the norms of their parents.

In the 50’s. The anniversary year has started the “summer of love” earlier and will last longer: Underneath the Golden Gate bridge, in the former Hippie-stronghold of Haight Ashbury and the South of Monterey, there are the most diverse events, Happenings, concerts, performances and Parties.

The renowned Museum of art “de Young Museum” in San Francisco dedicated to this legendary summer exhibition. Already at the entrance it is unusually floral and colorful. “Flower Power”, “Make Love, Not war”, “Peace” stands on a huge round foil, the glue, such as clip-on Buttons at the elegant facade. The walkway is paved with coloured stickers. The pink lettering of “The Summer of Love Experience” says it all from a distance: It’s the “summer of love” of 1967. It is the perfect place for a tribute to the Hippie-art, with colorful posters, photos, fashion, and psychedelic light art. The Museum in Golden Gate Park is just a stone’s throw away from the famous meadow-piece of Hippie Hill on the edge of the Haight-Ashbury district.

Flower children on the Meadow in 1967

Here the flower children flocked to the sound of Scott McKenzie’s Hippie anthem “San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair)”. This was a “formative” Moment in the history of the West coast metropolis, says Museum Director Max Hollein.

The “High”feeling and the optimism of 1967 is immediately noticeable. With the huge photo walls, colorful posters, batik fashion and light shows until the middle of August current Exhibition takes the Pop – and subculture, dazzling before eyes.

A firework of colors, more than 130 posters and leaflets by post artists such as Stanley Mouse and Wes Wilson, for groups such as Santana, the Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane designed. “This was a completely new art form, as a kind of advertising for concerts thought, but with refined Aesthetics and intricate lettering art fully implemented,” explains Colleen Terry, one of the two curators of the exhibition. This is also a long batik dresses, crocheted mini skirts and with borders embroidered Jeans pants-shock. Dozens of mannequins wearing the fashion of the Love-and-Peace movement.

Maybe a small suggestion for the dress code of the many visitors who want to enjoy this summer in the Californian sun. 50 years ago, the real Hippies with the dress in question had little in the hat, she danced on her naked body.

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