Federal government calls for access to Tolu


The arrest of the journalist Mesale Tolu in Turkey impacted the relationship between Berlin and Ankara. The Foreign office urges on consular services of the German citizen.

Twitter account of the journalist Mesale Tolu

“High-pressure” works in the Foreign office, to get as quickly as possible to have access to Mesale Tolu, said Ministry spokesman Martin Schaefer in Berlin. Since Tolu German citizen and does not have a Turkish passport have to stand the German diplomats, consular services Tolus international law. “We are of course in a very clear manner claims,” stressed Schaefer.

Mesale Tolu is already at 30. April by the Turkish security authorities in police custody has been taken, allegedly, their “terror is accused of propaganda”. According to the media, could not confirm the Federal Foreign office, is to be penetrated reports an Anti-terrorist unit in the apartment of the 33-Year-old.

The Federal government was not informed

On 6. In may came the journalist and Translator, then in custody in a prison in the area of Istanbul. In addition, the Turkish authorities would have to inform the Federal government immediately – as it sees the Vienna Convention on consular relations. That is no different than in other cases, happened this time, was “regrettable”, – stated in the foreign office.

Also talked about the imprisoned German foreign Minister Gabriel (l) and Turkish Prime Minister Yildirim

Accordingly, the Federal government learned from other sources, of the arrest Tolus and stepped up to the Turkish government, to the consular services of the German government to demand a citizen. “Our Consul General in Istanbul, is doing everything what is possible,” said Schaefer. Also with the family and the lawyer of Mesale Tolu, the Federal Foreign office is in contact.

In addition to consular assistance, the Federal government for Tolu calls for “a fair and legal procedure”. The German Association of journalists demands of the Turkish judiciary, to put Tolu immediately. “This is a new and particularly brazen scheming on the part of the Turkish autocracy against the free press,” said the DJV Chairman Frank Anywhere.

Six Germans detained in Turkey

A total of six German citizens sit in prison in Turkey. Two of them have, according to the Federal foreign office only a German passport, four double citizenship. The most prominent case is that of the journalist Deniz Yücel.

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Turkey: Critical media do not give

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Turkey: Critical media do not give

The Turkey correspondent of the newspaper “The world”, has been sitting for almost three months because of the allegations of terrorist support in pre-trial detention “without that, there is noticeable progress in his criminal case,” said foreign Ministry spokesman Schaefer. It was “not fair and probably not a rule-of-law approach”. In March, German diplomats were to leave a single Change to pre-Yücel, since then, no further visit has been approved.

Only the day before, the Confederation had spoken to the foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel, with the Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim on these cases, as both the margins of the Somalia conference in London brought together. “We exchanged ideas about how we can come back to reasonable relationships,” said Gabriel then. This is done in the interest of the German nationals had been arrested in Turkey, or the more likely to leave the country.