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‘Government U.S. intercepted telecomdata with fake cell towers in planes’


The U.s. government put small airplanes with imsi-catchers on board for people to track, reported a Us newspaper. That happens, especially in the United States, but sometimes also in other countries, fugitives, and terrorists to track.

The imsi-catchers on board are fake cell towers that phones of citizens on the ground to force to connect. Then intercepted the equipment on board the aircraft the registration of phones, reports The Wall Street Journal. For example, the American police office which is responsible for finding of fugitive criminals the airplanes in.

During a flight search, the service all opgepikte phone data on the presence of the phones of fugitives. The technique would be able to phones of suspects with an accuracy of three meters to locate.

However, that means that during a flight, especially in densely populated areas, the police to the data of tens of thousands of people to pick up. The government would have the data of citizens which is not to be sought no further use, but it is unclear what measures the U.s. government takes to prevent staff data misuse.

The aircraft, mostly Cessna’s, would be used primarily within the United States, but sometimes also elsewhere, for example in war zones. There the government, according to The Wall Street Journal, for example, to terrorists, to detect.

The police would have to get permission from a court to ask for the deployment of the airplanes, but sources provide compared to The Wall Street Journal that they question whether the judges that the request to assess the impact understand that.

In theory, it would be the imsi-catchers, communications can be intercepted. It is unclear whether that is happening. Who is in the vicinity of an imsi-catcher is, can continue to suffer from dropped calls, but the American government would have measures taken to prevent, for example, calls to the emergency number will be omitted.