Police arrest Dutch hidden marketplace Utopia


The Dutch police have four men held are suspected of involvement in the hidden marketplace of Utopia. Tuesday, it appeared that the police Utopia offline. The servers of the site were seized.

In Enschede and Utrecht were three men, 29, 30 and 31 held; a fourth man of 46, who was stranded on suspicion of drug trafficking, was held in his cell. That the Public prosecution service has announced. On the marketplace were drugs and weapons to purchase. A fifth man was in Germany arrested; he would through the site, drugs, credit cards and ammo have traded.

The arrested Dutch were behind Utopia, but to be precise, according to the ORDER is also illegal were on Black Market Reloaded, another trading place, which at the end of last year, went offline after a large influx. That stream was caused by The Silk Road, the largest hidden market on the Tor network, went offline.

The Dutch are suspected of drug trafficking, possession of weapons, and making a payment for committing of a huurmoord. The police when the suspects 900 bitcoin seized, a value of between 400,000 and 600,000 euros represents. In addition, hard drives, usb sticks and computers seized, as well as the servers in Germany where Utopia turned.

Tuesday, it appeared that the Dutch police the marketplace, Utopia had curled up, but how that exactly happened was not clear yet. Utopia, that only last week opened its doors, it was only accessible through the anonimiseringsnetwerk Tor. Tor can be used to make connections with the “existing” internet encryption, but it is also possible to create websites that only through Tor are accessible.

Now seems to be came the police, the people behind the trading place on the rail through undercover investigations. She bought both marketplaces ecstasy pills, mdma-cubes and cocaine. In addition, given the agents ‘to their bewilderment’ the request for “someone to the other world’. The agents would actually have a meeting with the arrested men have had, where a deposit for extortion and a huurmoord was done.

“This research is a clear message to anyone who thinks crimes may carry out within the digital anonymity,” according to the ORDER. “The investigation and prosecution of such offences for the police and the Public Ministry a high priority. Also within the anonymous Tor environment, nobody is unassailable.”

In October was the great trading center of The Silk Road coils. On that site could both legitimate products as illegal were to be purchased. Since the discovery of The Silk Road are several alternatives arise; at this time, Silk Road 2.0 online.